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  1. Greetings peeps!!! I'll keep it short but sweet: I'm looking for a partner for some RP ideas that I have that may catch some good interest. If not then it's fine as I have plenty of juicy RPs that keep me going currently, but I'm looking for something more "grindy" and surreal despite the genre of the RP so I'm just going to put some ideas out here. Anyone with questions or interest feel free to respond below :)

    Genres are as follows:

    Rainbow Six: Rising - A very elite and clandestine team of international top-tier personnel form under the United Nations as a counter terrorism group in order to stop a threat greater then military intelligence has ever seen among history: Sleeper cells planted in intelligence agencies around the world all linked to one, unknown splinter group. MC would be an elite female agent from MI6, YC can be from any agency/military in the world with a focused skillset.

    Truncated(18+) - A very intelligent girl (MC) just moved into a town in order to start her new life, as her neighbors' son (YC) comes home after being dishonorably discharged from the military. Her being a programmer, she begins to first aquaint herself with the young man, before starting to dig into his murky past due to her insatiable curiosity. However, once she finds the information she's looking for, she realizes nothing is what it seems, as the military man catches on to more than just her looks.

    The Summit - At the loss of the gods that once dwelled in the heavens above long ago, The Five Races of human, elven, lycan, vampiri, and draken all convene at the world's highest point, in a meeting of delegation of power and peace amongst the clans. It is called The Summit. Each race has a given dominion over an element: Humans of water, Elven of wind, Lycan of earth, Vampiri of ice, and Draken of fire. At the abandonment of the Greek/Roman gods, these races were given these elemental powers to "control" what was left of their world. In times of war or peril, The Summit would often quell these altercations in ways of promised peace by respect and right of rule, however at the wake of a possible 6th element/race, the Five Races all convene to figure out just what this power means.....and the means to control it at unpredictable costs. MC would be a female of human appearance with a vast knowledge of the universe and mysterious powers. YC can be whatever you choose.

    Pokémon: The Legend Returns - 20 years. it's been 20 years since the Pokémon Battle System and Leagues were abolished. A governing group called The Poke Federation formed in response to the constant abuse and attacks on Pokémon from the likes of Team Rocket, Magma, Plasma, etc. In that response however, The Federation became enticed with control, wanting to federally regulate the oversight of Pokemon. Pokemon and trainers alike ran for the heels, some protested, feeling their freedom and life of exploration which fueled the Pokémon world would die forever. They were right. 20 years since the ways of the world were lost forever. The Indigo League was dismantled, Gyms were decommissioned, and the old Pokémon icons and celebrities of the past have since then vanished from the face of the Earth into seclusion. The new system now known as "Regulated Pokémon System" sees trainers now collecting their Pokémon to help them in practical/everyday life affairs. Battling only is now permitted through requests of The Federation, usually at events, contests, or experimental tests held by Federation Scientists. Even the Pokémon Labs now have to report their research to The Federation. Some even say The Federation are the real criminals now despite their successful mission to rid the world of Team Rocket and Team Criminals. But.....as The Federation prepares to undergo their greatest secret mission yet, a quest to find and contain all Legendary Pokémon, the old ways still survives in the corners and homes of the world, as a mysterious threat with knowledge of the past emerges and places the world in a state of danger unlike any experienced.

    *** I would like to note that the tone of this RP will be much like Star Wars 7: A mix of nostalgia with exploring a new and different regime with an underlying tone of a new threat in respect to how the universe has been built over time. MC will likely be researcher or aide turned trainer, YC is what you choose. Remember it's been 20 years so characters like Brock, Lance, etc will be full adults around their 30s.
  2. I like the first two the best, but I really like the 1st best.
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  3. Rainbow Six? Yeah I like that one too :]
  4. I actually used to have the game for it on the playstation. Good game!

    So, Rainbow 6 it is. What's next? =D
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