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Hello there gentleman!

So I am looking for some late night role playing! I'm usually up from 11am to about 3am every day so I reply a lot. I am super active! Okay so let me see..what should I say.

  1. I am looking for Male characters, I play female and only female so please don't ask me to do a MxM, just not really good at it since I am female myself.
  2. Please if you have any plots or ideas you want to try, I will love you forever. I am a good partner but I am not good at coming up with plots, though I'm good at making twists ;)
  3. I am a very submissive person and it seeps through to my characters so just keep that in mind if you are interested in role playing with me.
  4. I write at least a paragraph and would like that from someone that wants to role play with me, mostly because I feel a few sentences can not retain much information for someone to reply to. If you can prove me wrong then go ahead and try :)
  5. I am okay with romance but PLEASE let the characters make the love on their own before moving to the romance. I am not one that is interested in starting right in the middle of sex or something. Also on the note of sex I am okay with any sexual terms. There is no word that I am not okay with.
Things I have done before:
  1. Fantasy
  2. Harry Potter
  3. Survival
  4. Once Upon A Time
  5. Real Life Situations
Things I don't want to do

  1. Furry
  2. Anime shows (mostly because I don't want them much)

Alright I think that is about it so let me know if you're interested. Please PM me because a lot of the time I don't get my notifications for my threads. Thanks <3
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