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  1. Just simply looking for a roleplay partner.. girl x girl is a huge NO-NO for me. Please, only the guys ._. I am not particularly looking for an 'intimate' RP, I want something with more of a story..like, maybe survival, like an apocalyptic type of RP.. romance can occur.... most of the RP's I make/join, it ends up happening sooner or later. Can't help it, haha. So, hmu in a PM or on this thread! Thanks guys!

  2. I guess I can do this o.o (however my resposne times may be wierd if your time zone has a drastic difference to PST since I'm awake at like 1 AM right now :P) would you prefer PM or on this threat though? (just because I'm bad at these kinds of decisions :S)
  3. PM or in a thread, doesn't matter to me (: I live in Cali, so we're in the same time zone ^^ I have work several days during the week, but I stay up till 2am every night regardless of the times I go in the next day :P What kind of RP are you interested in doing? The survival themed RP?
  4. Sure I guess :3 (since I can't think of anything atm o.o) also, I guess I'd go with a thread RP though unless PM's may be more favorable in the long run (I'm alright with romances but I'm more suited to fade to black then the detailed versions o.o)
  5. Lol x) well, okay.. mind if we start it tomorrow? I'm totally running on fumes right now....bout to pass the f* out xD
  6. Sure o.o (only reason why I'm awake right now is because I fell asleep earlier today :P) g'night until then I guess :3
  7. SWEEEEET! *hugs* thanks, stranger xD tty later tomorrow..sometime before noon I'll be up. I've got off tomorrow ^^ Night!!
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  8. Heh *blushes* I'll be home around 3 PM so I guess we'll start around then o.o
  9. You still up for this thong? o.o
  10. Sorry! Been having a lot going on :/ Grandma's been sick and acting half-dead lately, and just went to the hospital tonight, so.... yeah. >< I'm really sorry! I am definitely still up for this THONG! xD
  11. o.o It's alright... Sorry I didn't reply; I fell asleep, I guess we could start planning whenever you'd like (PS: Did you mean to say "THONG" XD)
  12. Well, I mean....you said it first x3 ^^^^^^^ (look up at your post where you asked me "are you still up for this" x) )
  13. Whoops o.o that's my bad then :P aanyways, let's do this thing XD
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