Female looking for Male roleplayer.

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  1. I am looking for a male roleplayer for this roleplay idea I have been thinking for awhile. I will say that this roleplay is a Romance/ smut. It involves Domination and submission roles, explicit and graphic plots, and language.

    Topic: This roleplay is about a Dominant man who works for a big health company that controls all the hospitals around the city. He is one of the main bosses who runs the company. My character is a Switch woman, (someone who can be both Dominant and Submissive) who works as an intern for a lawyer within the health company. The two characters have seen each other around the offices but have not really spoken much. One night the male character decides to visit the exclusive nightclub called The Exotic Garden for a little downtime after a hard day of meetings and boring phone calls. As he is enjoying his night with drinks and having the dancers entertain the dj begins to announce the newest member of the exotic garden, Iris. He doesn't notice it at first but he gets a closer look he notices its the female intern from work. The next day he calls the intern in and shuts the door behind him. He tells her that he saw her and she is begging for him to keep it quiet since the company would fire her for it. He agrees if she works as his servant.



    Name: Elena Vega ( Stripper name: Iris)
    Age: 24
    Extra descriptions: She has small bat wings on each of her shoulder blades.
  2. I would be interested. I will give you a short pictureless profile as my phone doesn't like linking pictures.

    Name: Malachi Svendsgaard
    Age: 32
    Extra bits: Has a tribal wolf tattooed along his left side. Actually has heterochromatic eyes but wears contacts to keep people from staring.
  3. Awesome! I will send you a private message. :)
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