Feeling Soppy. Need a Laugh. Halp.

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  1. So, anyone seen Acchi Kocchi? Because this is essentially that.

    All right, here's the deal.
    You play a girl. Likes the guy. Too stubborn to admit it. Tsundere, you see.
    Follow this link for what a tsundere is, for th uninitiated:
    So, done that? Excellent.

    Now, imagine you playing her, and me playing they guy. And, while his grades are decent enough, when it comes to matters of the heart, he's as thick and oblivious as they come.
    Their love will likely not be requited in this RP. This is mainly just one I'm playing for the potential comedic value that could result from it. We can work out details, if you wish to RP with me.
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  2. Your URL is not working. :( So I cannot view the picture that I now wish to look at.
  3. Try copying ad pasting the URL into your address bar, then.
  4. Still looking? I'm still reading, but interested.
  5. Sure, I'm game. Just message me, and we can work out the details.