Feeling Overwhelmed/Don't know where to even start?

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  1. Mini-er bit: AAAaaaaa my house is so messy like seriously it's horrible, it looks like a hurricane came through and I'm exhausted just from looking at it; I don't know where to even start.
    Mini's Mom: Start with what's closest to you.
    Mini: Hah! Well I'm standing in the kitchen, so should I clean the fridge, go through leftovers, do the dishes, mop the floor-
    Mini's mom: Where are you standing?
    Mini: Huh?
    Mini's mom: Are you standing by the fridge?
    Mini: . . . the sink.
    Mini's mom: Then start with the dishes.

    Honestly you guys, my mom's a peach.

    This is translatable to other shit, too.

    So much schoolwork to do you don't even know where to start?
    Start with what's closest.
    Which due date is closer? Start there.

    Huge project that you don't know how to begin?
    Start with what's closest.
    What do you already have an idea about? What do you already have notes/input (or a source you could get notes/input from) on?

    When you're feeling overwhelmed, take a breath, close your eyes, and when you open them, start with what's closest.
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  2. I think I will start trying to implement this when I am working as well. ^^
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