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    • Recently things have been bit on the dull side concerning life and such, so I wanted to look around for anyone interested in roleplaying with me?

    • They can be group roleplays or single person roleplays, but my rules are on my profile for those interested in asking me to join a roleplay~! I prefer when they are Yaoi roleplays, but I can do heterosexual as well as Yuri, though it is my least compatible relationship. I hope to find some fun people to roleplay with~! My name is Jin Yoko, but you can call Jin, Yoko or Ink~!
  1. I wouldn't mind RPing with you :)
  2. The only problem might be that I'm not 18.
    • Neither am I doll~ Either way I wouldn't mind it at all~! So you can roleplay in paragraph form, yes~?
  3. Yes I can, just don't expect like 8 paragraphs I can do at least 3 (yeah, still new to Rp)
    • Of course doll~! Don't worry about writing a novel here~ I write at least 6 or 7 with other partners, but I always adjust to other's way of roleplaying. Are there any ideas you'd be willing to share to start plotting our roleplay~?
  4. No, no ideas, do you have any.
    • Hmm...I have a few Fandoms I'd like to roleplay in if you want. I'll post some Fandoms and then some ideas for OC x OC roleplaying~
    - Pokémon
    - Legend of Zelda
    - D. Gray Man
    - Kuroshitsuji
    - Creepypasta (really leaning towards that category cx )
    - - - - - -
    - Master x Slave
    - Owner x Pet
    - teacher x Student
    - Brother x Step - Brother
    - Experiment x Scientist
    - - - - - -

    • I am familiar with other fandoms, but there are the ones from the top of my head. I prefer Yaoi roleplays, and mostly play a Seke or Uke role. You can tell me if you want to switch things up or so.
  5. They all sound awesome, but I'm not really familiar with the fandoms that you listed, so an OC would probably be best.

    And I've been playing Seme a lot so if you don't mind I would like a go at Uke.
    • Alright doll~! No worries. I tend to play Seke characters anyways. Which of the ideas do you prefer to try out?
  6. I like the owner Xpet idea
    • Since my character is Seke, maybe it could be like a pet x pet idea? What do you think?
  7. Sounds great okay would the pets be owned by the same owner?
  8. Yup! Would you like to start? You can PM me and start us off~! c:
  9. Ok, do you want to do a short CS.
  10. I'm not quite sure I understand what CS is. Could you ellaborate for me?
  11. A Character sheet *smile*
  12. Ah sure! Sorry, not very familiar with shortened terms XD Here's mine~ :

    Michaelis Dmitry.jpg

    Name: Michaelis Dmitry
    Age: 17
    Time with Owner: about 5 years, though back then he was more of a servant than a pet before he became of age for his owner to use him as his personal toy
    - He looks shy but he can bite back if he wanted to
    - he doesn't have his earrings, glasses, or hair pin in the rp. But he does wear button ups when his owner allows it along with the collar to show who owns him.
  13. Perfect I'll post mine in a min, just have to write it.
  14. Name: Alex Night

    Age: 16

    Time with Owner: Alex is a rand new pet to his owner and still has to get to know him and the place he lives.

    Personality: Alex is very outgoing and a total loud-mouth. He doesn't let anything get in his way and speaks his mind, not caring if what he says is disrespectful. Alex might look like he would submit easily, but he doesn't pull any of his punches.

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