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  1. Just coming out of the cage, I have to state, that I'm not sure if this is the right place to have this posted.

    So I've been adding bits and pieces of a series of RP's I took part of years ago, my primary character who I stuck without throughout was Tiana Koul. Most of which sadly no longer appears to exist on the internet, aside from bits and pieces here and there where I attempted to dip my toes into an RP community, though usually lost interest after a few weeks, if not a month or so. I figured this time I'll stick with it, considering this place is fairly active, but I digress.

    I've been putting somewhat random bits and pieces of what I remember and notes and papers I've managed to find throughout the woodwork of old crap of mine. The threads title, "Pieces of Tiana Koul" (you may find the link in my signature) is something that I hold dear to me. Considering this is a character, who's world I've imagined for nearly a decade and a character that I've thought out about every detail as to what makes her. What I've done with that thread, is specifically put pieces of her story that were either important to the story or to me.

    Either which way, I was hoping to get feedback for any who happen to have been reading the pieces. As I don't really have any other places at the time being to post these for any kind of criticism. But of course, I fear somebody beating it down too; but I suppose its subjective experience at that point. I would appreciate some kind of criticism or even just questions about it.

    Thanks for you time. :cheerful:
  2. If you're looking for constructive criticicsm / feedback on your writing, I can move this over to the Roleplay Institute Character Help thread? Or, if this is more of an artistic showcase, I'm sure the Writing and Art Museum would love to have it!
  3. I suppose it'd be better to be under showcase. The thread I'm referring to is under showcase as well. I just wanted this to be under a different topic is all.

    Edit: I meant the writing & art museum.
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