FEEDBACK: Featured Roleplays

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We should use this thread to discuss the Staff's latest project: Featured Roleplays. I personally really like the concept, or should I say, I'm optimistic about it.

With that being said, this thread should be used for constructive praise and more importantly, critique of different experiences you may have as a member with it. The staff already know they are awesome.

I decided to make this thread now, because then we can air them out as we go along with it.
If there is one thing Moderators, Globals and Admins hate it's not hearing about any of the problems, concerns orFEARS(!) you might have until it's too late. This is a fact based on sad empirical experiments Iwaku's been through in the past. So don't hold back on asking questions or making remarks, but remember to keep it constructive.
Its a fine concept, all the more power to it.

The real question is how often is it rotated?
Well, look at the Halloween Roleplay for your reference.

We started at that at the beginning of the month and advertised it to the new members. And in that we've just managed to get to the first action scene.

I think the first month will allow the players to get comfortable with each other, and the second month will allow the GM to pull off the scene he/she is after.
Truth be told I was only vaguely aware we even had a Halloween RP this year let alone the progress it made. I've had a lot of life stuff going on the past month, but when you phrase it like that I can't see any point I could argue.
How many RPs are going to be in the feedback section, exactly?

My original assumption was that it would be two, but I noticed that there are now three.
Yes, me too. Seems kinda cheap and dirty now.
Is it because there's 1 Chat RP which is... I'm supposing short lived?
Oh yeah, probably two regulars for two months and one chat-RP for two weeks. Makes total sense now.
Ha! We solved both our questions through questions!

Very nice.. very nice indeed.
There will only ever be 3 at a time. XD

1 brand new RP that is starting fresh.
1 older rp that has been running for a while and looking for new characters.
1 Chat RP

The forum roleplays will be up for 2 months.

Chat RPs are up for 2 weeks.