Feathers for the Wind - Discussion of the Topic

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  1. Have you ever read Maximum Ride?


    Well, that's alright! This is gonna be just a tad bit different.

    Yes, we still have a crazy scientific facility (called the Facility XD) that created these people with wings. Yes we still have a flock of people with special abilities, and one thing in common: wings. However, this is not a Max Fan RP. But it is something to have a little fun with.

    So, shall we discuss storylines? Or just let fly?

    Though first, I'd like to discuss some rules.

    I'm not looking for char bios. You can make one if you want, but this a jump in RP. Just describe your char in your first post (when the IC is up).

    That's first. Next is when you do create a character or more, don't go overboard with powers. If you're afraid the power you have in mind is too powerful, talk about it here, and we'll figure it out together! If it pops up in the IC, though, and it's too powerful, I'll ask you to change it.

    I think that's it >.>

    So, let's discuss a plot, eh? Oh, and bad guys XD We needs bad guys.​