POETRY Fear...

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  1. Her breath was lodged in her throat.
    There was no way to escape.
    She tried to dissolve into the darkness,
    Afraid even to blink
    For fear the sound of it
    Would alert him to her position.
    His footsteps grew louder.
    They were nearly deafening her and
    So close now, she could smell him.
    Her eyes closed as
    Her lips whispered a silent prayer.
    She felt the hairs on the back of her neck rise.
    He was right behind her.
    Cold steel pressed to her throat.
    A slight trickle of blood ran down her neck.
    Tears slipped from her eyes and down her cheeks.
    So much left undone...
    Suddenly, the darkness was split
    By a piercing light
    Revealing another man
    With weapon drawn.
    The grasp on her tightened as
    The blade dug deeper as
    Fear and pain mingled together.
    Then an explosion near her ear..
    She sat bolt upright in her bed.
    Covered in sweat, heart pounding, breath labored
    But thankful....it was only a dream.
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