FEAR (TWD): Lumber City

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With the new Fear TWD coming up this month I thought it be cool to run an RP based on the new series. If you haven’t heard, the new series follows the drama of a broken family, struggling, living the unfolding events of the onset of the outbreak in LA. What is intriguing about this is that we’ll see, for the first time, the events that lead to the breakdown of society as a whole. And that is what I want our RP to be based on. We won’t be explaining the virus, I think the mystery will remain equal to the series, the RP is about people, which is the heart and what we love most about TWD.

In my head, the way I see it working, I play the government, the CDC, FEMA, and the generals trying to contain the situation. Mainly I will be the news and your source of information regarding all things government. You, will play the people that will shape the RP, telling their stories from their perspective, as society crumbles and a forced evolution begins to take hold - survival of the fittest mentality. But, though the government is functioning at the start of our RP, it will not be consistent. Because this is not about them, it is about the people.
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Seems intriguing enough.
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