Fear is a Game (recruit)

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  1. Here's the plot.

    • Mazes have been in our lives for as long as we can remember. They are in art, myths, architecture, novels, and technology. We humans have the urge to solve them even if so many others claim it to be impossible. Why? It is simply because we humans cannot resist a challenge. To our minds, an unsolved puzzle cannot be ignore until we have all the pieces in the right places. In the not too distant future a fourteen-year-old boy, Valentine De Loncré, sought to act upon this fact knowing that it would make him a fortune. With the help of the best of scientists and high-class technicians he succeeded in recreating the most infamous maze known to man. The Labyrinth. This maze was designed to weed out its victim's deepest fears or darkest secrets and make them confront that which they hide from without a chance of escaping. Its halls twisted and turned in such confusing patterns that caused the test subjects to lose their sense of direction. Some halls were upside-down, some had the ceiling on the right wall, and others had no indication of which wall was the ceiling or which was the floor. A few of these halls imitated the scenery of the wilderness with livestock and fruit so the players may always have access to food and water. These halls would move on occasion if Valentine wished to change the path. After two years of research, every test subject that emerged from the Labyrinth was on the brink of insanity. And yet, those that failed to conquer their fear requested for a second try. The experiment was proven a success.

      Once the maze was perfected Valentine released it into the world as a sport. Five groups of three will enter the maze with whatever provisions they choose. They must find their way through the Labyrinth and into the center where there is believed to be untold riches. On their way to the finish they will come across three chambers where each member must face their worst nightmare and conquer it. And as they move closer and closer to the center, the maze will begin to challenge the players; not only in their courage but their strength, intelligence, judgement, and most times endurance. Endurance for the immense pain, for the torture of a lost loved one or a haunting memory/a secret that was long since forgotten. The Labyrinth is the ultimate test for humanity, the one game that separates the worthy from the worthless. Soon, weapons were put into play and the Labyrinth became a death sentence. Initially the weapons served as defense against their fears but by the fifth game Valentine started pitting players against each other causing them to kill one another. No one wanted to participate in the sport anymore, but many were willing to watch it all ensue.

      The public would place bets on which group will win the untold riches and which will leave the maze mentally scarred and empty-handed. There were board games made to simulate the Labyrinth. Many video games were based on the sport and even a few movies. The winners of the Labyrinth (that managed to hold onto their insanity) wrote novels of their experiences which soon became best-sellers. Valentine had risen up in the world till he had everyone eating out of his hands. Under his order, the city was divided into five different sectors. Each of these sectors are required to provide Valentine with three competitors around the ages of thirteen to twenty-five. The sectors would perform examinations that would run each possible candidate through an obstacle course. Those that passed were chosen, those that failed were safe. Unless a civilian wishes to volunteer and he/she meets the requirements, a candidate will be forced out of each sector.

      Our story takes place in the beginning of the Twelfth game of the Labyrinth. The players are in the process of getting ready for the game. They have the choice to consult with the former winner of their sector or to train amongst themselves as they await the day of the Labyrinth. What they don't know is that this year's game has a completely different outcome. Lying in the center of the Labyrinth is a surprise designed by Valentine DeLoncré himself.


      The issue is. I need someone to play a very particular villain. one who is specific in their motives and goals and personality. Having this villain is key to this roleplay's success.

      The character being valentine.

      Here are his specifics.


    • I wasn't always rich... In fact, I used to live in poverty. My father left us bruised, scarred, and penniless dropping all stressful responsibilities onto my mother's shoulders. She did everything she could to keep my sister and I healthy and well-fed. I watched as her own vitality diminished along with my sister's. They were slowly losing their own minds to a deep hatred for Father and to their poor living conditions. I wanted to do something, anything to see their smiles again. That's when I started inventing things.

      I always had a knack for building things. It was a natural habit of mine; picking up spare parts from the gutters and putting them together to create something wonderful. A few more experienced inventors took interest in my creations and accepted me as an apprentice at age ten. I was paid enough to ensure a comfortable life for my family; money was steadily flowing into our hands, but it wasn't enough. My mother and sister wanted to be rich. They knew I had the ability to bring them up in society, so I started working on a project I've been contemplating over for a while. That's right, the Labyrinth. It was sure to captivate the populace. After all, everyone loved games.

      I left my predecessors and started working on the maze. It was difficult without the high-quality equipment of my mentor's but I managed. I created a prototype, tested it, improved it, and released it to the public. The moment it was open to all, everyone wanted to play it. They wanted to see if they could conquer their fears. They wanted the pride of winning the Labyrinth without too much effort. And those that failed to complete the maze came back to try again. My family's hands were overflowing with money. Then, people brought weapons into the Labyrinth.

      I wanted to stop the games, but my mother and sister urged me to let it be. Their minds were still corrupted from their own misfortunes, but I did not argue. I let the payers bring their weapons and, at the order of my family, I pit them against each other. Do I feel remorse? Yes. Do I care? With all my heart. Will I stop it? Not unless my mother and sister want me to."


    • -My darling sister

    • -My dear mother

    • -Sweets

    • -Empty and Quiet Places

    • -Reading

    • Dislikes:

    • -My father

    • -Noisy and crowded places

    • -The sorrow of my family

    • -The Labyrinth

    • -Smokers


    • -My father

    • -Fire

    • -Blades

    • -Dark rooms

    • -The Labyrinth


    • -My father was a marvelous scientist that taught me everything I know, but he didn't teach me gently.

    • -I went through things that no child should ever go through, and yet... I'm putting other children through those very same situations.

    • -My mother and sister are everything to me, but they also frighten me.

    • -The Labyrinth is my only invention that I want destroyed.

      If anyone would like to try out, feel free to post your shot here.

      I'd like to make it clear as well, that this is not me trying to control anything. just that this character was written into the story and without him as he is, it may not work as well.
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