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  1. Okay, the sci-fi section is looking sparse, so I'm thinking of a shiney new Sci-Fi roleplay. A sweeping action heist about colourful sci-fi characters in a lavish future.

    I was inspired by Mr Shadow, the all-too-underexplained antagonist of The Fifth Element.


    So maybe a sequel. Another 5000 years have passed. Evil has returned, and the Fifth Element is lost. A new group of heroes get caught up in the cosmic battle.

    With an advanced future anything is possible. We could bring in a Cyberpunk Blade Runner feel, a space opera epicness, a Terminatoresque post-apocalypse, or even the campy glitz of the original film. It could be set on earth or a number of planets, including the new Dark Moon of evil rock that is left in orbit at the end of the film. Plenty of plot bunnies to be had with that.

    So... what are your favourite sci-fi movies? And what elements would you be looking for in a Sci-Fi adventure?
  2. Oh man, Fifth Element is one of my favorite movies ever! But I personally have a natural aversion to RPs based off of movies. Maybe loosely based, but nothing like a sequel. But that's just me...

    I might need some assistance getting caught up to speed on Blade Runner, but I'd be up for a Cyberpunk.
  3. Well, the only links will be the reoccurance of cosmic evil in some form, and the presence of a "weapon" that can defeat that evil. Nothing else from the original needs to be in it.

    Meh, it's no biggie. If people would prefer a completely original RP I could come up with one. I just loved the comedic caper feel of The Fifth Element, with all the factions and the way they tell the story through humourous situations and subplots.
  4. The Fifth Element... Blade Runner... Terminator... So far, so good.

    You're missing original Star Wars, the Douglas Adams Hitchhiker's books, Babylon 5, Star Trek (original and TNG), Firefly and Serenity, and old-school Doctor Who.
  5. Oh man, Hitchhiker would be so awesome!

    I'm not caught up with all my Doctor Who, so the only 'old school' stuff I know is the Daaleks (sp?). And the scarf. :D

    I don't think original Star Wars and Star Trek TNG would have quite the fun factor, but TOS totally would.
  6. You could always go for the option of trying to capture the feeling and themes of these sort of films, but go for an original setting we all have more control over.

    Perhaps a sequel/follow-up to that Space Pizza Express Chat RP you ran?

    Also, there is a distinct lack of Red Dwarf being mentioned in this thread. I'mma just fix dat...
  7. Okay, so one option is to have it set on earth and have different regions - each one with a particular "feel" that matches our favourite movies.

    Or to have a system of planets and each planet has a theme.

    Each player submits a character and a location theme when they join up.

    Then I weave the premise that fits this all together.
  8. Dibs on the dying, dystopian cyberpunk world.
  9. Hmm... just so we don't overburden ourselves with world descriptions, we could have them as moons. Moons around a single mysterious planet. The moons were colonised by different groups at different stages in history, and each society is looking for something on the planet below.

    Just something to think about.
  10. I like that premise.
  11. *Licks this thread*

  12. *quickly begins editing his overly-detailed premise of his cyberpunk planet so it will work as a moon*

    Seriously though, I like this premise. It ties all the different locations together nicely and gives a central focus to the plot as well.
  13. I agree. I also really like the idea you threw around in Cbox of giving each character their own introductory plot.
  14. Yeah. I'd love an intro story for each character, like a mini-chapter where the other players take NPCs or write descriptive posts. I think it would really help with characterisation and set up the plots of each moon. As long as we do it quickly and don't get bogged down in dialogue exchange it'll be awesome.
  15. I call the Space Western planet.
  16. What ever you people decide to go with, let me know and I'll see if I can play.
  17. DAMN! Maybe I'll do a steampunk-y space pirate moon...
  18. I very much like this idea, good job team.

    And dibs on the Sci-Fi/Fantasy Jungle/Forest Planet!

    See you guys this weekend! *goes back to work*
  19. Er... okay.... so... everyone has agreed with me....

    .....even Tegan....


    *lowers head and moves towards the OOC Chamber*