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    Mine is a Canadian classic; Hawaiian pizza. Also sometimes called Ham and Pineapple. But I'm not a fan of calling things by their ingredients. My favourite variation of the Hawaiian has
    • Ham
    • Pineapple
    • Bacon
    • Mozzarella cheese
    • Mushrooms
  2. I like meat lovers and pepperoni with jalepenos! Basically I'm a carnivore :P
  3. Pulled Pork Pizza... It is the Pizza of Gods.
  4. Hmmmm.... It depends where I get the Pizza from:

    Gabriel's Pizza:

    - Tomato
    - Onion
    - Mushrooms
    - Chicken
    - Mozza Cheese

    1 for 1 Pizza:

    - Sundried Tomatoes
    - New-York Style Pepperoni
    - Spinach
    - Broccoli
    - Mozza Cheese
  5. I'm about to get hated on, buuuut, my favorite pizza besides my mother home made pepperoni pizza, is the BBQ chicken pizza from pizza pizza. It has chicken, pineapple, banana peppers, and rather then pizza sauce, BBQ sauce! Had some today in fact!
  6. Allergies!

    In all seriousness:

    I dig me a "burger" pizza. Bacon and beef (and I like extra cheese). And I like pepperoni. The simple stuff. Problem is both are suuuuper greasy :\
  7. I like a lot of vegetables on my pizza. In particular, I like spinach, artichoke, and brocoli on my pizzas.

    I used to like a lot of meat, but that made me feel terrible.
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  8. Before I got a bad case of food poisoning it was Meat Lovers and Hawaiian
  9. Canadian pizza. Hella good.
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  10. Chicken, bacon, tomato, with garlic-ranch sauce.
  11. Cheese.
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  12. Pizzini's pizza in my current town. No toppings. You can't molest a perfect pizza with toppings. You oonly put toppings on a mediocre pizza to make it taste better.

    I LOVE Hawaiian Pizza though. @__@

    And the Steak Fajita Pizza from Papa Johns.

    And the Philly Cheese Pizza from Dominos

    And I like:

    tomato sauce base
    mozzarella cheese x 2
    roma tomatoes
    green AND black olives
    red onion
    With a sprinkle of feta on top!
  14. Taco and BBQ chicken. :D

    Separate...not together!
  15. Spinach, black olives, sun-dried tomatoes, grilled onions and goat cheese. Bleu cheese also works. Canadian bacon if I want some meat.
  16. All of you weirdos and your Hawaiian pizza. I can't stand pineapple on pizza. The juice gets in the cheese and makes it funky, and hot pineapple is just the grossest thing for me.

    My favorite pizza is a white sauce pizza with bacon, mushrooms, spinach, fresh tomatoes, and balsamic vinegar.

    A white sauce pizza with feta, olives, banana peppers, fresh tomatoes, mushrooms, and salami is also acceptable.
  17. Cheese with stuffed crust.
    Add some black olives if I'm feeling adventurous.

    Anyone who puts pineapple on pizza is a monster.
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  18. I like my pizza with papples, in moderation.
    Too much at one time starts to taste weird.
    But then again I like weird stuff, like pizza with ranch or bbq sauce instead of a normal tomato sauce.
    Also I love shrooms on my pizza.
  19. Pesto chicken from The California Pizza Kitchen. My fellow Californians will understand. Do any other states have CPKs?
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