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  1. Who would you say your favourite RP character (an OC or a canon you like to play) is right now? Why are they your favourite? Tell us a bit about them!

    Right now I've been itching to get some use out of Simon, a priest with some life plan complications that are leaving him in the lurch between obligations and happiness, only for him, the obligation is a little more dire than being pushed into a career path or lifestyle. If he ditches his responsibilities, the world kind of dies in a great big fire. But y'know, no pressure!

    I guess I like playing him because I get to explore some more domestic/day-to-day character complexities than with most of my characters, which deal more with dragon slaying and villain-hunting.
  2. My favorite character right now is probably Kasim, in large part because the roleplay he's in (Legend of Renalta) has lasted long enough for him to get some substantive character development that wasn't stupidly forced.

    He started off as an ex-slave archer, an immature, selfish, and careless guy who was obsessed with becoming a hero of the sort that filled campfire tales. After he was freed from slavery by a goblin abolitionist army he joined up with them, and the soldiers were his first major source of experience of the world outside the city he'd been born in, which combined with his immaturity to create a very warped view of the world. After he set off on his own he found out that he had some passable game with the ladies and became a bit of a manwhore. He started off the roleplay in this state, joined up with the group trying to save the world from a demonic invasion because he wanted to earn hero cred and also maybe get laid along the way.

    For the first couple missions he pretty much stayed this way, just experienced more of the world and lost a little bit of his naivety along the way. He was the only one to kill one of the orc enemies his group had faced in the first mission, in melee combat no less, and of course he bragged about it. Then in the next mission he ended up being the big damn hero of the day and shot an enemy angel right in the throat despite it using crazy wind magic at the time. Kasim was riding high on his self-aggrandizing hero persona and being a truly insufferable shit about it along the way, which was great fun to roleplay, and it got to the point where his ego became a recurring joke both OOC and IC.

    But then he went to a fancy ball that was being held between missions, full of important people from around the world who were there to petition the hero group to help their nations. Kasim was there intending to go woo a pretty lady, preferably one of high standing, to have a one night stand that he'd be able to brag about forever. He set his eye on a princess who looked all vulnerable and innocent and went to chat her up, but then something happened that sent him for a loop: she actually took him seriously and treated him like an equal. She didn't have any of the disdain or arrogance that others of high standing had directed at him, and when he made his intentions a bit obvious she told him in not so many words that there was no way she was going to be a floozy but that if he was truly interested he would have to join the ranks of her other suitors and win her favor by proving that he was worthy of becoming the next king of her nation. The fact that she actually viewed him as someone worthy of even trying, and that even when he made it clear that he was formerly a slave she didn't change her tune at all, hit him hard in the feels. He swore that he would try, and even if he failed to win her hand in marriage in the end then at least he would become someone worthy of the high regard she had shown him.

    Kasim went off and had a long thinking session about his life, about what he really wanted to be in the world, and that was the first deep introspection he'd done in his life. He realized that he was pretty much a shit head, not worth much more than his ability to shoot a bow, and that he really did want more out of life than to just have people remember his name. He dedicated himself to becoming worthy of being a king, and more importantly to become worthy of the princess, and ever since then he's been going through a rocky period of a sort of identity crisis. Now instead of thinking "what would a hero do?" when trying to make a decision, he thinks "what would a true king do?" Instead of just rushing into fights and shooting at whatever would make the biggest trophy, he actually considers what impact his actions would have upon his companions and the mission at hand. He's gone from mindlessly flirting with every woman he sees to only occasionally thinking of banging them because he's smitten with a princess that makes him nervous and awkward like a 13 year old boy because he's actually developing some real feelings for her, and it's hard to spit game at random ladies when you're agonizing over when you'll next see your crush and what you'll do when the time arrives.

    He's slowly evolving from a selfish manwhore with a bow into a charming rogue with a bow and leadership skills. It's great being able to actually gradually work through that kind of development in a roleplay.
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  3. Hiroshi Akiyama is my favorite character to play at the moment. He's a character from a Naruto role-play that started off as a weakling, eager to become stronger and join the military of his village. Pretty naive with a black and white mentality, a bit complain-y as well. After being involved in a civil-war, almost being killed on several occasions, having his first few kills, and suffering physical and psychological torture from his own father (Who he now works for in current IC), he began second-guessing his choice of becoming a Shinobi.

    He's now a character who is starting to see the world in more of a grey-area while struggling with his own morality. All the while trying to hide his depressive nature from friend(s) and family, a huge family that he had only recently found out even existed.

    Haven't been playing him very long so I don't have a lot to tell, but he's one of the few characters I'm always eager to write for when the chance arises. I look forward to his future, to see how he deals with his morality questioning and to see how he recovers from everything...if he ever does.

    Now, tagging some people because this is actually an interesting topic I'd like to see get more attention. Plus, you know, interested in what these people say. @Aliceee @Gerontis @Shadowy @Lesli @Inzane620 (do it or go on my shit list) 8D
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  4. Damn you @Expllo , but fine.

    I think it won't be a real shocker for people, but currently the character I favor the most is Koike Hon.

    Started as a boy with some talent in some fighting departments. But due to being the twin, he was always associated with his more energetic, but less talented twin brother. Deciding to hold himself back, he didn't become a great fighter or some dashing rogue. No, he remained 'bland' as he would remain in the shadow of his twin. And he was okay with that, because there was no pressure or other responsibility than trying to be that person on which his twin brother could fall back on.

    But then that little poo-bear died and Koike was just a 14 year old kid that no idea what he had to do. What kind of attitude he had to keep up or follow. If he should himself still back into that comfortable shadow, that he was losing. And if the death of his twin brother was his blame or not.

    Over the course of the story that this character is in, I'd a great time to explore the different answers and routs I could go with him. Bitter about blaming himself for the death of his twin brother and closing himself off, but not starting to become bitter towards others. Not holding himself back anymore, trying to put his talents to good use but always having that soft whisper in the back of his mind that made him wonder if he was still not better off in the shadow of somebody else. Eventually, three/four years IC wise later, he did made some bonds- to the very, very few he had prior the 'breakdown' - that started to cause cracks in the wall of this guy. The wall he had build up to protect his still insecure and emotional core, but it eventually broke down and for the better of it. He started to make more friends and much to my surprise, I kept/keep hearing that people like the character. That one time his 'true' emotional self is surfacing up or other moments that shows what the character really is.

    Something that I hadn't told others really before is that what I like the most about him is that I can relate to the character. The fact that due to all kind of events you grow apathetic for some kind of people or question if what you're doing is really 'you' makes it easy and sometimes even a relief for me to write for him. Not that he is my alter-ego, I don't do such stuff. Even though he had quite some chasers that made me get a deja vu moment now and then (though he isn't a flirt and I am one :( , sorry Chrome ).

    I realize now that I could actually go on hours and hours about him, what I like and actually dislike about him. But I will not make people fall asleep with my shit.

    @Sketching101 @Aeronfarron @Icy @ChromeHound @redlemonaide (tag, you're it >:[ )
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  5. Damn you @Expllo I have so freaking many. Well Expllo would know her very well with that being Aya Oda from a Bleach rp that sadly closed down due to problems. She comes from a near extinct clan of demons that was wiped out save for her and her sister by her brother Sieg Oda. He did this in order to save the Seireitei from having to fight the clan as he knew that Pure demons(Where both the mommy and daddy have demon powers) would always lose themselves to their own demon instincts. He left Aya and Chie alive due to the fact their family was the only half demon part of the clan. While Chie would resent her brother for killing their entire clan and parents (Mother tried to protect father and perished as well) Aya wouldn't really harbor hostile feelings, only caring that her sister was safe. In fact when she was confronted with Sieg once, she did nothing. Aya was simply a childish girl who made literally enemies like her. She even made a hollow with its own mindset become her friend by simply telling it that hitting is bad and scolded it. That doesn't mean she doesn't like violence, quite the opposite in fact. She loves it, being hurt is wonderful to her so much so that her power would even rise when hit. She was truly my favorite because she was just lovable making most situations comical, with an example being her fight against Kenji. She was in a berserk state and despite the fact Kenji was going through the fight with blood in his eye, when her own blood went into her own eye she snapped out of the demonic state and complained that it really hurt.

    There was many things I really couldn't do with her, such as revealing that Aya was adopted into Chie's family and was actually a Pure demon. Also plenty of fights that sadly never got to happen for her that I was quite hyped for. Yet with what I was able to do with her, she became my favorite for certain. Oh yeah did I mention that she had a child called Hozumi and she got pregnant not by sex but by a crystal? Aya quite literally mimicked the birth of Jesus. Also the little shit went with some random lady because she felt right. Sadly Aya wasn't able to get him home and proceed to spank the living hell out of him.
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  6. That was hilarious.
  7. @Expllo , I would usually call it bluff to put me on your shit list, but fine. I'll play nice today.

    My most favourite character is currently Saki Yamanaka ( from the same RP as Gerontis and Expllo). The simple reason is that she is my first RP Character and while I'm most of the time a sassy bitch, I'm a bit sentimental perhaps when it comes down to Saki. A girl that didn't have any problems in her past, just the average girl, that tried to aspire to what she could reach. No big dreams or what so ever. Just a simple person that people seemed to like cause she wasn't some deep complex character or focused on one emotion/aspect. Of course she grew more in depth as she experienced stuff and grew older, making her slowly change as a person. Yet still keeping that 'base' she had at the start. Fun part is that I can recognize some of myself in her, which is harder than my other characters, but with her it is quite easy.

    Other than that, she is one of the characters of mine that don't aspire for any power or manage to end up in some seat of power. She doesn't even want to become higher of rank in the military, feeling comfortable and is content with her current rank.

    This was my presentation. Not sorry for the lack of a PowerPoint or long answer.

    To continue the tradition of poking people, I'll poke more people into this.

    @Fieryfly @RoranHawkins @Nim @Ganryu @Lilly
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  8. Ueueue, okay. My favorite character is Hideki Hyuuga from a Naruto RP. He started off as a very cheerful and energetic person, despite only boasting a single friend (befriended during the course of the RP), and while that didn't per se change with his experiences (war, assassination, and the 'death' of said-friend), he become more somber and made a conscious effort to avoid people. His perspective on certain things such as his clan also changed drastically with the years; due to his actions toward them, which were in truth only a means of helping them, they ostracize and dub him a traitor. His latest change occurred when he embarked on a mission to a neighboring country under secretive conditions. The mission eventually spiraled out of control and resulted in Hideki being capturing and having his right eye extracted with makeshift surgical tools. He managed to escape the ordeal by setting the cottage where they kept him on fire through explosives. The aftermath left him with a seared right arm, neck, and face. He is now unable to use his right arm for tasks requiring even an ounce of strength. The significantly more 'grotesque' appearance has also caused him extreme insecurities and mood swings in which he sometimes, almost unconsciously, practices self-harm. And atm in the rp, bitch-boy is facing the wrath of his clan, obviously pissed because he lost one of their treasured eyes (containing a bloodline ability).

    The main reason I like him is because he adopts cats and shit.
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  9. Fine fine fine, I'll do it. >.<

    Not going to be a surprise, but my favorite character to write for is Kiyomi Homura. I have and had an amazing time with her, watching her grow from a troublemaker into somebody that apparently inspires and motivates others in achieving their goals.

    Am going to be a rebel and keep it short!
  10. Hard to say. It changes every few days, typically depending on which role play I'm writing for next, which happens to be The Last Bastion. So I'd be trapped between either...

    Carolyn Antoinette: A hardcore libertarian who believes in the rights and liberties of all individuals serving alongside her in the militia. She's a mech pilot and her father is a general, and she's agreed to lead a major revolution against their taskmasters. She's naive enough to be manipulated, and sincerely believes in the righteousness of her cause, even as the occasional chink or flaw presents itself. Because of this faith, she's likely to lose her best friend and her father in a single night.

    I'm looking forward to role playing that.

    Ryan Dufont: A Machiavellian mastermind who works in the background of the omnipresent Council of ADAM. He's a master of the social masquerade, ready to order the execution and imprisonment of anyone if it would even slightly increase the odds of the survival of mankind. He's not evil per say, as he will order rescue missions and allows his ideological opponents to live freely. This makes him interestingly multi-facted, because it means he will manipulate monsters of men and allow the deaths of innocents on his watch if he believes it would save and preserve more in the long run.

    It also doesn't hurt that he drinks wine. Can't have a sophisticated gentleman without wine.
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