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  1. Hey all you cool cats what up? So i decided to ask this question, maybe we can even have a bit of discussion on it.

    What is your favorite kind of music and why? Show us an example of it via youtube or some other media giving website. By kind I do mean Genre, so rap, hip hop, r&B, soul, country, metal, death metal, industrial metal. I mean go nuts with it here. If you have more than one favorite, and You just cannot decide. Then send both! it's all about the love round here xD

    My favorite Genre would be a tie between Jazz and Gospel

    The first piece i've had the honor to play with he musician who wrote it Jeff Watts. I absolutely love it as a composer of the Genre myself. The reason why i LOVE jazz so much is for the beat rhythm and emotion contained in every note. The energy, concentration, and focus needed to keep up to play that smooth, short, long, loud, quite so on. As a trumpet player and a listener I just.... I literally cannot describe how awesome the genre is to me.

    I love Gospel because it gives me hope when I'm hopeless. pretty self explanatory.

    Both of which have roots in my nationalities culture, something I want to delve in further and learn. -has a large stack of history books ^.^) So yeah

    Don't be shy come on and post!

  2. I listen to all kinds of music, however, I think that my favourite has to be ambient or film music. There is nothing better than listening to a musical piece that tries to convey an emotion precisely, not to mention that if one has already seen the film, they will subconsciously associate a particular scene with the music, especially if the music is memorable. This can create some extremely powerful imagery and does wonders to the imagination. That said, I also like metal and rock with the occasional touch of electronic music and I am willing to give most things a try.
  3. The blues man.

    Because it's physically impossible to play unless you've lived.
  4. you two should post your song examples like i did xD
  5. I am a lover of music...! It's actually easier for me to list the genres I hate than pick a favorite! I don't stick to genres too much, it's all about the sooound of the song in particular. Something about the song that hooks me.

    Buuut, I do learn more to some genres than others because they have those sounds I like.

    Alternative rock like Poets of the Fall, One Republic and Muse

    And because I am too lazy to link more video examples: I also like dance pop. Songs by Adam Lambert, Lady Gaga, David Guetta, Rihanna.

    Classic Ballad rock with Bon Jovi and Def Leppard and Guns n Roses. 8D
  6. GO DIDI I LOVE Muse and eyah Cos I follow you. I'm a blues gal myself as well (( another part of jazz xD)) and so I knew I just like the video xD
  7. Hm... I don't really keep up with music anymore. I think somewhere along the way, I just stopped caring. >>;

    I think my favorite is Electronic music, though. That genre takes up a lot of my playlist, and I've been to a few live shows featuring these types. Some examples of what I like are Depeche Mode, Darude, The Crystal Method, Gabriel and Dresden, Cosmic Gate, Crystal Castles... Some people dislike the genre because the songs tend to be repetitive, which is understandable. Sometimes I'm not in the mood for that, either. I like it most of the time, though. It makes long car rides feel short, it's easy to work out to, it calms me, and it's fun for sexytimes. Bwaha.

    I also find I really like Indie Rock. Shiny Toy Guns, She Wants Revenge, Radiohead, The Killers, and Tokyo Police Club to name a few. At least, I think. People criticize my supposed inability to categorize music correctly. :| Which is only feeding my inner troll. I'll purposely label things wrongly just to make these whinyfaces mad, hehe.

    I'll share with you this song I'm currently listening too:

    <iframe src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/IsxNUl1IHnE" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" width="560"></iframe>
  8. Dawww Flulffy you SHOULD care6.^ annnnd I love that song.

    I also love mohawk's song so congrats on all.