Favorite Weapons?

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  1. Okay, so we all have those weapons we're proud of, the ones we get for just being plain badass, or conquering feats of awesomeness and skill. So to those of you who have said weapons, here is a place to boast about your weaponized victories.

    Here are some things to know first:

    • These are victories of skill and challenge, not of ranking up and being awarded the weapon. BlackOps/Halo/Other weapons do not count as all you're doing is earning exp to rank up and be immediately awarded the weapon.

    • Weapons that are not rare/unique to the game. These are simply not enough for 'skill' or 'awesomeness' to award you correctly. Getting a weapon that is as common to you as waking up to look in the mirror and see the same color eyes is NOT unique.
    Weapons such as the specific "exotics" featured in Destiny(my most loved game) that come from exotic weapon bounties, which to get, you must complete a set of challenges to receive the weapon, are what I'm looking for.

    With that in mind and out of the way, what are your absolute favorite weapons, that YOU worked hard for, and essentially busted your ass to get?

    Mine are the below pictures, from first to last(not necessarily in the order I obtained them):
    Suros Regime(Awarded while playing in the Crucible)
    Thorn(Awarded for finishing 'A light in the dark' Exotic Weapon Bounty)
    Hard Light(Awarded as an exotic engram in the weekly nightfall. Never had it happen since)
    Universal Remote(Awarded during the Templar fight in the VoV{Vault of Glass})
    The Swarm(Awarded for achieving rank 4 in Vanguard{may not be the same reward for everyone})

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  3. eh, boohoo, Pete. Make one of your own for actual weapons, if you'd like. Nobody is stopping you, and I assume you thought it'd be about real weaponry.
  4. With a name like Favourite Weapons, I thought this thread would have been about what weapons people liked in any game rather than 'what weapon do you like that you had to work your ass off to get?'. So I pretty much have none because I've never worked hard to get any weapon in any game before. :/
  5. EDIT: Well nevermind I guess, my example was just an awesome but super-expensive weapon that took a lot of time and dedication to save for. Although arguably you had to be pretty decent at challenge mode and such to be able to save it up in a halfway-reasonable amount of time.
  6. If it's a challenging weapon to get, and took a lot of your blood, sweat, and tears, go for it! ^_^