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    Simple and straight forward! What's your favorite TV show of all time and why?
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    This show is rather old and I believe came out around 2000
    I already loved animals and I had just seen Gundam Wing so Mecha was just awesome.
    Then I woke up super early one day and couldn't go back to sleep, turned the TV on and there was a mecha lion...
    It was like, the best thing I'd ever seen and the art, (considering the age) is still freaking amazing in today's standards!

    I know the name sounds weird but god, the storyline (for 4, not fuzors) was freaking amazing and Zoids Chaotic, Guardian Force(these two were war oriented), and Zero(tournament fights oriented) were updated to Toonami back when it was running.
    I wish the other series came to the US but the JP kept it only over there and to a few other countries. (This one was Genesis. Extremely good art and amazing storyline. It focused on war also but since it wasn't edited for US people actually died and the zoids had flamethrowers!)
    But yeah, freaking animal mecha!!!!
  3. Have. To. Many. To. Count.
  4. Anthony Bourdain's No Reservation.

    The wit, the travel the FOOD!
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    More specifically, any season BEFORE METAL FUSION *throws all their hate at the new characters*

    I adored this show. And what was best, my best friend adored this show. We used to play out as the characters all the time, and enjoyed cheering on our favourites.
  6. hmm.... I have a thousand anime tv shows that are my favorites, impossible to choose one. So I choose something that isn't an anime, then it will be easier xD

    Sherlock, I just loved that tv-series and I am so angry that there only were 3 episodes in each season T-T
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  8. Of all time, Probably the Sopranos. Mafia violence and grit FTW

    Currently. BREAKING BAD and BOARDWALK EMPIRE. If you haven't seen these shows you should.
  9. Okay, for real:

    Sopranos, House MD and The Wire (<3).

  10. I'd have to say Inuyasha <3
    Been the love of my life since I was 4 years old.
    The show also inspired me to draw anime and want to grow up to be an author.
  11. I have lots of favorites. Walking Dead, 30 Rock, Dexter, Chuck, Parks and Recreation, Family Guy, How I Met Your Mother...

    Maybe my favorite of all time though is Futurama. It's the one show where I've watched seasons over and over again, and I always watch it when I'm bored. So that's saying something, I guess. xD
  12. The Crow:Stairway to Heaven, Beyond Belief:Fact or Fiction, Criminal Minds, and American Horror Story.

    I love the storyline to the Crow, got all the movies etc. Beyond Belief is just a really cool show, I like Reed's character in Criminal Minds and the storyline, and American Horror Story is like an awesome adult soap opera revolving around Horror!
  13. SO.MANY.

    LOST,Friends (grew up on that show!), Bones <3, NCIS, The Walking Dead, How I Met Your Mother, Paranormal State, Big Cat Diary, Meerkat Manor, Duck Dynasty (Lol :P), The O.C., That 70's Show and sooo many more, but sadly I can't watch what's not on Netflix/Online xD

  14. To be honest I didn't even consider some of my anime even though I know they were originally on TV I have them all on DVD so they are movies XD. Anyway I guess I'll go with, in no particular order:


    -Fraiser (For my Comedy)
    -Mythbusters (For my For Science)
    -Law & Order 1st Season (For my Mysterious/Serious)
    -Whose Line is it Anyway (For my Improv Comedy)


    -Cowboy Bebop (For...everything)
    -Full Metal Panic (For my Mechy Show)
    -Darker Than Black (For my Serious/Supernatural)
    -Inuyasha (For my Fantasy (also was the first anime I watched))
    -Case Closed/Detective Conan (For my Mystery)

    Yep I think that practically covers all my bases.
  15. Anthologies all the way. I mean it's a bunch of short stories that emphasis a strong narrative and a strong core mood that can briefly relay in 22 minutes what some 3 hour movies can barely do before teetering out and also have enough time for a witty hostman(Or puppet) giving some brainy input or some cheesy joke.

    Twilight Zone
    90's Run of Outerlimits
    The Alfred Hitchcock Mystery show
    Tales From the Crypt

    Sci Fi, Horror, and Mystery, presented in one of the best formats for their genres, the short episode. Just think about how awesome M Night would be if he stopped making such long winded movies with twists if he went the Rod Sterling route and just did tv episodes with his signature twist style. It would fit him like a glove, no?
  16. Battlestar Gallactica and Game of Thrones.
  17. XD My selection of T.V. would probably be broader if I had cable instead of Netflix.

    Sherlock for me as well. I love the cinematography and I absolutely love the modern setting. It's a very interesting twist on original novels and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is one of my favorite authors.
  18. Right now I'd have to say Once Upon a Time and Warehouse 13.

    As for why, well, the way they put an interesting spin onto the way in which fairy tales are interpreted, such as the true identity of the big bad wolf in the story of red riding hood. With Warehouse 13 there is more or less one reason and that is Helena, aka the real H.G. Wells.
  19. Doctor Who, I think.