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[size=+2]Who was(is) your favorite teacher and why?
What grade did they teach?


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Light fantasy, historical, steampunk, some post-apocalyptic (think, biker rust-punk), anthro (non-anime furry), modern, some sci fi...this & that, I'm pretty random. I don't mind getting frisky as well!
I had one English teacher for all but one year of high school. She was funny, sarcastic but ultimately so caring about all of us. And she made English class so fun! We wouldn't just read Shakespeare, we'd do readings, movie vs. play critiques, debates, etc. Once we were reading a novel about Japan, and to explain a Japanese tea house to us, she ordered a ton of sushi and stuff for class! She really helped those who were struggling, with anything!, and continued to challenge those of us (like me) who excelled. I remember when I had a relative pass away in my last year, she was there for me, but also kicked my butt back into gear and didn't let me fall behind. I still remember her and will go back and visit with her. :)


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A fellow by the name of Mr. McKinnel, who taught me in grades 5 and 6.

I used to live in Libya, and I went to a British school. It was pretty small, which is why I had the same teacher for those two grades (there were only five teachers for the entire school, he was the only teacher who chose to teach two grades at the same time). Since the community was small (fifteen-twenty kids), and everyone knew each other, it was easy to get to know our teachers outside of school. The best part about Mr. McKinnel was that he was incredibly passionate about what he did, he always taught the students based on their individual personalities rather than just droning on, etc etc. And he would constantly push you to do your best.

One of my favourite things to do when I was younger was draw, and there were a couple of times when my parents had him and his wife over for dinner where he would come talk to me and teach me about perspective/shading/etc. I also got hair cuts from his wife.

An extremely close runner up would be my grade 6 teacher who would always have extracurricular activities going on during the weekends. Pretty much my best friends and I would always sign up for the activities, where we learned how to play cricket, squash, soccer, how to sail. We even went diving a couple of times.

I just realized how much I miss living there :(


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My Fourth grade teacher Ms. Lample. She was awesome. c___c My favorite teacher EVER. I remember one time she had the entire class sit in a circle and she told each student what she thought their best talents were and what she could see them doing in the future when they grew up.

She told me I would be a cool writer or a teacher. :D That's always stuck with me.


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My 7th and 8th grade English/Literature teacher, Mr. Hollis. He was by far the teacher who I shall remember most. Not because he was good at his job, not because he was enthusiastic about what he taught, but because he cared about us. When some of us failed a test, he would make time to sit each one of us down and ask us what we didn't understand, or he would arrange for old acquaintances to come in to class and give us a new perspective on what we were learning. He commanded our respect, and we looked forward to each of his classes. He taught us to pursue what we wanted with a vengeance and that the straight and narrow was exactly what it took for us to get it most of the time.

He was a veteran of the Vietnam War, and when we were reading a particular book on it, he told a few of us, myself included about his experiences there. It brought the few of us he trusted just that much closer to him. I talk to him still to this day, and he's been a mentor, friend, and confidant through some tough things. And his wife has been on hell of a tutor for me in Math. :)


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That teacher that didn't go to class a lot.