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Favorite Summer time activity

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by ~Dark Disney~, May 15, 2016.


what do you do in the Summer

  1. Go to the beach

  2. Swim

  3. Salt River Tubing (I know your from Az if you do this)

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  4. Cliff jumping

  5. Shopping Mall Yay

  6. Read books while tanning

  7. Summer Barbeques

  8. Parties and work

  9. make your own cool fun

  10. just work

  11. spend time with family

  12. go else where for vaction

  13. R and R

  14. All of the above but Salt river and just working and alcohol if under 21

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  15. Dude its just summer nothing special, my time is winter and fall

  16. Drinking a cool Alcoholic beverage (21 and over only vote)

  17. camping

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. What do you like to do with your summer and what do you do when your their?
  2. Well, none of the choices of favorite things to do in summer... SO YEAH.

    For those who need to know:

    LARP is my favorite summer activity.
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  3. Uhm... I imagine you're from the states. That said, the legal drinking age in the states is higher than most other places. So, your "21 and over only" addendum is kinda... Incorrectly placed?
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  4. Sleeping, marathoning some TV series (I have a lot to catch up on), video games, D&D, and geocaching.

    That's my favorite summer stuff. Sleeping still trumps everything though.
  5. yup states going by legal age here
  6. that's awesome
  7. lol
  8. can disagree all you like it is just how I see it and was raised
  9. Why is there not camping button DX
  10. cause I forgot
  11. Hiking. Visiting the prairie dogs can be pretty fun also.
  12. I sleep, read, and go on video game binges mostly. If I'm lucky enough to get to a pool, I spend most of my time swimming.
  13. Summer is usually the time I'm working my butt off...

    Sooo I guess finally getting back home and sprawling on the couch with a fan on full blast.
  14. Anything that involves taking advantage of the warm weather! I especially love outdoorsy stuff like hiking and camping and swimming in lakes!

    Also legal drinking age is 19 in most of Canada and 18 in Alberta ;)
  15. I'd have voted for this if I didn't hate Winter to it's very core.
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