Favorite Summer Spot?

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    During the warmer months of the year, people tend to be a bit more active and get out more. (Sorry Vampires)
    I tend be more of a park person.
    You can run, play frisbee, etc. and have an easy day. =)

    Where is your favorite place, to go, in the summer?
  2. I like to go to the lake. I love swimming. I love going to the lake even more when it's on my own terms. As in, I go by myself and have the shore to myself, to sit and relax. Fave time to go to the lake is in the evening or at night.
  3. Anywhere my BMX or my mountain bike can take me.
    Beach. Canyon trails. Desert.

    ...I really do hate summer. Most people want to leave the house in summer and go outside and enjoy it... But no. Not me. It's HOT. Sticky, hot, humid, HORRIBLE. It was like that in Georgia with 100 degree weather for three months. And not it's like that here in Arkansas too. ;__; I HATE IT.

    So in the summer I stay at home. XD In my nice air conditioned home.

    ...However, if I had a swimming pool I would be in it every day for hours. I love splashing around in a pool. o_o; We have a public pool here, but I am not a big fan of crowds...
  5. BEACH.

    Frozen treats.

    :D I am actually going to the beach tomorrow! I must empty my camera SD card so I can take pictures because it is going to be the first trip my friend and I have taken since she's been finished school for the year!

    Mitten in a bathing suit=PICTURES NOT GOING ON IWAKU! :D

    I also agree with Ceru, the park is really awesome, but sadly Mitten's town doesn't really have one :( But that is where roaming around in the forest and searching for bears comes in! ^^
  6. I think that my favourite place to go during the summer is either the beach or the forest, but honestly, I think I prefer the forest more. It is a quiet, serene place, far away from the busy city that gives me a peace of mind unlike any other place. It is also a bit cooler than the city because of the trees covering it, so it is much more pleasant than the metal and concrete of the city. I also like to go hiking if the weather is not too hot.
  7. In California: I go swimming or I go off to summer school. XD But I do go out with friends and family to restaurants or tourist sites.

    In Texas: I stay the fuck inside until I get stir crazy and go to the mall, despite the humid and sticky heat.
  8. I don't really enjoy summer either. Public pools have lost their appeal since I've started working at one ... :{ I do like going biking on this one trail, though, provided I go in the morning when it's not too sunny.
  9. I'm pretty much relaxed at home during the summer. ^^

    We have a pool so we don't have to go anywhere.

    But I also like to visit the beach often. The sand and sound of the waves is unmatched.