Favorite Song of the Week!

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  1. So I have this habit of only listening to one song for a week-a month at a time. Of course, this isn't always the case. Sometimes it's a playlist of songs I suddenly create and it becomes my favorite playlist for like a month or two. But I do have favorite songs of the week and I want to know you favorite songs of this week.

    This weeks favorite song is -drum roll- [​IMG]

    (By the way, this is free this week on iTunes, if you like it enough to want to buy it :D)​
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  2. This is my obsession this week. O_O

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  4. *Edit*

    ....I have another favorite for the week... :D

    Plus the music video is very interesting.​
  5. This isn't something I listen to on a normal basis, but the song has really been speaking to me this week:

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  6. This weeks Favorite Song!!!
  7. I've got something to say
    I've acquired a taste for watching you in pain

    This doesn't end with you
    I walk around and I think if people only knew
    That I wish they were cursed
    That I wish them the worst
    I really wish 'em the worst...
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  10. I really like Beyonce this week ^^
  11. m.youtube.com/watch?v=zJl2L221CKQ

    Core Pride- by Uverworld

    I love this song and its my favorite
  12. This may seem cliche of me if you know anything about me, but trust me, the only reason why this is my song of the week is because

  13. I don't even regularly listen to this band ;-;
  14. I've got two I'm switching back and forth between:

    First one is an abingdon boys school cover of BUCK-TICK's "Dress"
    (ignore the typo in the video's title @_@ )

    The second is "The Beginning" by ONE OK ROCK
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  15. Edit: Wrong video...:p
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  16. Well,Skyrim Dragonborn song got stuck in my head from last week...so..give it a try.
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  17. This weeks favorites

  18. "We've got obsessions!"
    -Marina and the Diamonds "Obsessions"

    My song obsession of the week is...

    If you are ever in need of Korean/Japanese (mostly jpop/kpop and some electronic), just message me!
  19. Love the songs