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  1. I'm sure we all have our own stunning moments in an RP where we have a character that not only makes a dramatic impact on the story, they are also a downright blast to play.

    I have that character as exemplified by Hyuude.


    Hyuude is a street tough. Hyuude doesn't take shit from a single person. And Hyuude happens to make giant robots work by getting in the cockpit in them, punching it a few times, and yelling at it to work right. He's dumb as a brick, stubborn as a mule, extremely rude and impolite, and beats the living crap out of just about everything in his path with raw physical power.

    One of his little fun traits was that the longer he remained in close combat, regardless of if he was in a giant robot or not, the more powerful he would get, until he was, well, just about unstoppable. This IS easy to shut down, and he is VERY easy to beat, especially if you take advantage of the fact that he's, uh, dumb. But if you're a fellow glory-seeker that believes close combat is the only path to victory, Hyuude is, generally speaking, utterly insurmountable in that aspect.

    Most people I played him with found him overpowered (which he is, if you don't actually try and think of a way to beat him and instead try to out-hot blood him) and spotlight stealing (which he is, I am not disagreeing). But goddamn, he was so much fun to play. Imagine every over the top cliche from corny 70's/80's Giant Robot or Martial Arts animes, taken to their logical extreme.
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  2. I have to pick JUST ONE? ;_______;

    ONE of my favorites is Evangeline. She is a modern day blind psychic. She's a weird quirky little thing that loves fluff and happy stuff. She's a bit of a feisty damsel. Fell in love with a vampire who turned out to be the Avatar of Darkness. 8D

    Another of my favorite characters is Maddie. She works as a restoration painter and had a MAD CRAZY CRUSH on a famous Pop Star. >:3 Whom she met on a win-a-date contest. And it was awesome. I love her cause she is a silly, amusing girl.
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  3. Ah, yes, Ghriin Vuirtka, the Xeno Sapien.

    Imagine if humans had redundant organs and evolved from avians instead of reptiles (Reptiles are considered extremely distant ancestors to humans, at circa 300 Megaannum ago)

    And some of them could see in the dark and were crippled by sunlight

    Ghriin wasn't one of the ones who could see in the dark, but she is a XXeno Sapien - she is my favorite character ever, and part of my favorite alien race created.
  4. Well, picking one can be rather hard for me. However, when it comes down to it, the character I use as my screen name is the one.


    Seth was my first online rp character and I have put the poor guy through hell over the years. He's been involved in some epic rps. One of my favorite being in another place where we waged battle against a death knight (old-school D&D version of the fell creature). Oh man, those were some good times.

    Unfortunately it's been a long time since I've truly rp'ed him in anything beyond some solo sl's. Maybe I will get the chance to really play him again here.
  5. …OK I can't pick just one -___-

    Tori - Normally named Tori Avalon, but sometimes that's shortened to just Tori. This boy gets put through so much hell, and it is always amusing to see him try to work through it. In his original creation, he is the bastard son of a ruling Queen, kidnapped and tortured and basically broken down into a slave by the enemy they're at war with. He's always this angry child in his mindset, but he knows how to survive in a world that never really wanted him in the first place. I haven't rped him in a while, and I think he's feeling a bit neglected. Oh, and if he is in an rp, he always has an older brother (Saori) who may or may not make an appearance.

    Lyth - Oh, Lyth. Anyone who's role-played with me for a while has come across Lyth. He is my go to villain character, and damn if he isn't the most fun to play. I've had Lyth forever, but he's always been a little crazy. Maybe not necessarily evil, but morally ambiguous. He is the bored son of a prominent figurehead, and has attempted to cure that boredom through any means necessary, though nothing seems to work very long. Violence and murder just happen to be the most fun, at the moment.
  6. Probably Jack. He's a demon that can turn into a cat, and has lost his family thanks to archangels attacking for no cause. He fell in love with an angel however after being tortured by a demented priest (think Cupcakes was bad, shit that wasn't anything). He's upbeat but serious when he needs to be, holding a grudge against all angelic beings. Yet he still manages to smile.
  7. I suppose the main problem I have with my favorite character is how hard it is to find a setting where him being there makes sense. His entire framework requires a Chi system to even, y'know, be slightly logical in the context of the RP, and also for combat to also be relevant in the course of the RP.

    There are surprisingly few RPs where these two things are able to work in tandem.
  8. I can narrow it down to two. Hopefully that ain't a problem.

    Personally, I judge the success of my characters based on how much they come alive, how much they grow out of my original plans for them, and then assume their own identity. Which makes the character who can probably take the trophy for favorite character John. He's a 4,000 some odd year immortal, who has been roaming the world since the times of the Ancient Egyptians. He first appeared in one of my roleplays back when I was about twelve years old, and was the first character I ever used in a 1x1, after he and another character in a group roleplay really hit it off, and they went off on their own to go be epic immortals together. I've put him in so many different situations, just to see how he reacts, and... I honestly don't even know how to describe him anymore. Somehow, he managed to transcend my own limited concept of time, and come out on the other side as something truly exceptional. Since that time, he has never lasted in a roleplay for more than a page or three, mostly because my partner has vanished or wanted to move on. But I love him dearly, and wish that there was a way for me to share him with the rest world.

    The runner up is actually a character who is present in one of my (honestly, probably the) favorite roleplay I have on this site, and that is Ethan. He's completely surprised me with the depth that I've found inside of him. Ethan has the ability to manipulate luck and probability, making him incredibly badass. Luckily, he is in a 1x1, and my partner knew exactly what he was going to be able to do before we began, so there is no saying that he is overpowered. With enough time I think he has the potential to develop into someone with just as much depth as John (or, really, any person I've ever met in real life), although he is not there yet. But, someday, he definitely could be.
  9. That's a little difficult.. I have a favorite for everything! > u < I have a favorite male character, and a few favorite females, or ones that I hold above all the rest. One was Chrysanta Veris. She is a red head whose hair is the color of chrysanthemums, hence her name. I loved her almost toxic, neon green eyes. She was a grungy dresser, never one to care about how she looked, and a photographer who snapped shots of everything from wilderness to borderline porn. For a living she played with computers, things like fixing/repairing them and such other electronics. Her favorite activity next to playing with her camera is sleeping. She's a cynical smartass who has a soft spot for fluffy puppies and kitties.

    Another was June, a promiscuous girl with a knack for corporate espionage and getting information. Another red head funny enough, though her hair was on the darker, browner end of the spectrum. More of a chestnut maybe. She is the vice president of a company and often sleeps with the president of the company despite they're not actually romantically involved. Like a real couple. She was a new character type for me and I liked her very much.
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