DISCUSSION favorite pizza topping?

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oh man, i just have to bring up one of life's greatest pleasures: pizza!

whether you're team thin crust or deep dish, there's just nothing quite like biting into a piping hot, cheesy, saucy slice. but we all know the real question that divides pizza fans is "what toppings reign supreme?"

personally, im all about those salty, briny olives adorning my slices. there's just something about their tanginess cutting through all that glorious cheese that hits the spot. but i know thats a pretty controversial take for some!

so let's hear it, pizza connoisseurs... whats your ride-or-die, absolute favorite topping to load up on? are you a stuck-in-the-classics pepperoni or mushroom kind of person? or do you prefer getting wild with more unique options like pineapple, barbecue chicken, or even tater tots?!

hopefully no fistfights break out over the pineapple debate...
I am down for this! Olives are my favorite, but I do love pineapple!
I could go very basic and just say pepperoni because, honestly... nothing beats pepperoni!

But picking something aside from pepperoni... Hell yeah to the olives!!
Pepperoni and pineapple are my favorite combo. If I had to pick just one of them, I'd pick pepperoni.
There's so much pineapple love in here LOL
I've never tried it, but I am planning a pizza day this summer and it is absolutely gonna be a required topping offering and I am going to finally see what this is on about
Pepperoni and pineapple are my favorite combo. If I had to pick just one of them, I'd pick pepperoni.
This one I will fight you on, only becuase the place I order from has spicy peperoni and it clashes with the pizza
Pineapple.:pineapple: 💗

So many pineapple lovers! Hell yes! We always get shit on! x'D

My go to pizza order is thin or ale crust, pineapple, chicken, roasted red peppers [if they have them! Regular bell peppers work!], and any other veggie I'm feeling, at the moment. If I'm not feeling super picky, then any jumble of veggies will do.~ Love me some veggie pizza!
Pepperoni and ham. Sometimes, if I feel real fancy a multi cheese pizza. I'll happily take all the cheese! Nom nom!
Cheese, I'm not a huge fan of anything else on my pizza… though tomatoes are nice from time to time
Anything is good as far as toppings go so long as it's edible and tastes good. But I guess if I have to narrow it down, I particularly like pineapple and ham.

Having lived on canned food and stuff like boiled SPAM, breadfruit (it has no flavor before you ask), canned refried beans, ramen, and other shit while living with my father to the point that pizza ceased being in my diet during my teenage years, just having a pizza is a luxury. A lot like having McDonalds. Or dairy. Or sweets. Or an actual toilet and not an outhouse. Or an oven and stovetop rather than a hotplate. Or anything that isn't in a can or a store-bought pack of burritos.

Thankfully I'm living with other (more well off) family members currently, so I can leave canned food behind, but not having canned chili for the umpteenth time in general is a blessing, be it replaced by pizza or something else entirely.
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