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  1. Handhelds. While they pale in comparison to home consoles and are somewhat losing to mobile games sadly, pretty much every gamer has had a handheld at least once in their childhood.

    Which begs the question: What's your favorite handheld and why? What handheld consoles do you currently own and have previously owned?

    My favorite handheld console so far is the Nintendo DS Lite with the PlayStation Portable as a close second. I love the DS's library and the fact that it's backwards compatible with GBA games makes it even better!

    I currently own a DS Lite (no shit) and I used to own a GBA SP and a PSP before clumsy ass me broke them :(
  2. PSP for its massive library, extensive modding (super mario kart multiplayer over wifi, hello!), and the fact it did movies and shit blew my mind.

    PSVita for its power and small (but well liked) library.

    3ds for MonHun alone.

    GB/GBC/GBA/GBA SP for all the childhood hours and memories of portable gaming.

    Also had a game gear. Even if it was clunky as balls.
  3. Gameboys baby! Old school black and white clear to GBA SP! I emulate the games now if I get a real yearning for some nostalgia <3
  4. GB and GBA, my ultimate portable gaming devices. I'd spend hours playing Spyro on the plane and just about everywhere else. Also had a DS Lite that I used to chat with my cousins.
  5. I had a GB color and a GBA. I lost the GB color and I don't know where the GBA is in my house. I also have a really old DS from when it first came out. Now I happily have a 3DS and I love it so much
  6. I own an original-run DS and it gets pulled out about once every 3 years for an hour or so.
  7. Not sure, I enjoy the 3DS, but revel in the nostalgia that comes with a GBA. Handhelds never really did it for mein comparison to controllers, I just had to keep up for the Pokemon franchise, lol.
  8. It's tough, I love my 3DS yet at the same time remember all the fun I had with the GBA SP. THAT little thing was a glutton for punishment yet never failed to stop working for me.
  9. I've only ever done Nintendo Handhelds, because the others usually just have copies of console games.
    And if there's an option, console games always play better.

    Hell, GBA Games on the Gamecube Adapter play better on there than on the Gameboy itself. XD

    As for favourite handheld?
    GBA if Nostalgia is allowed as a reason.
    3DS if functionality, games available and simple time I now spend using handhelds (which admittedly isn't much) is the reasoning.
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  10. DS, 'cause all them awesome Castlevania and Megaman games.
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