Favorite Foods

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    What's your absolute favorite food?
  2. -starts to speak but stops- Right... keep it G rated. -coughs-

    Tie between Italian and sushi. Both are amazing and both have a lot of history with me. I grew up with Italian and I used to make sushi for myself three to four days a week a few years ago. They both can be presented with an incredible amount of artistry and they both have a wide range of flavours and ingredients.

    -chuckles- I'm actually about to have pasta with Vodka Sauce. ^_^
  3. Pizzabaconsandwichcookie.

    Naw, but for reals. I go through phases with foods I like. I try to eat a little bit of everything. Right now I am into dry cured meats, god that shit is good.
  4. I really like making fettucini with alfredo sauce and adding in some seafood like shrimp and scallops.

    It's the best when you make the pasta and sauce by hand. I don't really have access to fresh shrimp and scallops, but if I did it would be awesome.
  5. I'm a simple person. Chicken Ramen Noodles. I eat that shit everyday....But then again I am broke.
  6. I've always loved pizza. Ever since I was a kid its hands down been my favorite food. Now that I have to eat gluten free it still is only my pizza cost 2x as much or even 3x. So I have to really be in the mood and have the extra $ for it or go without. It really sucks. Pizza is a real treat for me now.
  7. Mexican. I have no history or association with the food. Except for my dire love of all things ethnically made mexican. I can eat it every day, for every meal for the rest of my life. It's was love turned obsession. There's just something about those beans...

    But! It can not be some Taco Bell or handmade shitty wannabe Mexican. It must be crafted from a handed down generational recipe then created with hands that have made burritos for most of his/her life. It just can't be something you slap together. It must be created like a master piece.

    In my conclusion I obviously can't eat Mexican every day because you don't find Mexican food that live up to my standards every day. -___-
  8. For regular food, I am kind of stuck between pizza and a Hungarian food called Brass├│i Apr├│pecsenye, which is basically minced meat dipped in a sauce, mixed with peeled potatoes and peas, then put into the oven. They are both extremely delicious, and I rarely get access to either of them because they are so expensive, although I have upped my pizza intake recently.

    For snacks, I usually like to eat a Mexican Warm Sandwich, which is easy to make, or anything that is simple to make slash readily available. For some reason, I especially enjoy eating bread, though, which is weird.
  9. Absolute favorite? Well... I suppose if I have to pick one thing, it would have to Indian Tacos.
  10. I have a lot of favourite foods and I don't normally stick to just one "type".
    I love "American" style Chinese food - egg rolls, chicken balls, beef and greens... also love pomegranates, mashed potatoes, chocolate strawberries and just chocolate in general!
    It's a wonder I'm not 300 pounds!