Favorite fighting games?

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  1. Is anyone here a fan of fighting games? If so, what franchise do you play most? The franchise I play most is Dead or Alive but I do play many others as well. I prefer 3D fighters over 2D fighters honestly.

  2. Yep.
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  3. My favorites right now are Ultra Street Fighter 4 and Killer Instinct. This will probably shift a bit when Street Fighter 5 comes out. But Third Strike has to be one of my favorite fighting games ever and Super Smash 64 will always have a place in my heart along with the Tekken series.
  4. Guilty Gear and Soul Calibur 2

    Because Guilty Gear is the most amazing 2D fighter ever, and can only possibly be more perfect by adding Blaz Blue's Noel Vermillion in the cast. Because Noel's got a sexy back. But I like Guilty Gear more.

    Soul Calibur 2 specifically because that was when Talim wasn't fuckin' nerfed to hell.
  5. Dead or Alive 5 Last Round bbyyyyyyy.
  6. What console? :D I'm on PS3 (planning to get the PS4 version)! SacredWarrior88 is me ^_^
  7. Is anyone going to be watching NorCal Regionals this weekend? I know I'm going to be.
  8. In no particular order: Melty Blood, Soul Calibur 3, Tekken 5, GGX:ACCENT CORE, Dead or alive 4.

    Bragging rights; Inofficial 2nd best Tekken 3 player for two years, Semi-Finalist in the biggest DoA tourny sweden had.
  9. oh god, yes, melty blood!
  10. PS4. PSN: ZOMGodzilla
  11. Marvel vs Capcom 3 & Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition
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