Favorite Fandom Music Videos!

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  1. Here's mine! What's yours?

    Watch out for feels, kids.
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    Trying to decide which ones to choose was a nightmare... this is definitely gonna take more than one post

    You guys should really check out Datis Ausum's other stuff as well. That guy's got TALENT. But this is my favorite of all of them:

    and a funny one to round things out
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  3. okay now for the homestuck:

  4. Dude, awesome stuff. <3

    Run to You makes me want to cry AND create a new character, as does Goodbye to a World.
  5. Thanks! And I know, right? You go to just listen to some music and then suddenly ~ideas~
  6. That's the joy of taking in stories! You can make more. <3

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  7. oh my gosh how could I forget the condescension song :O classic

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  8. my personal favorite
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  9. Second one's not really a music video, but it's without a doubt my favorite fan-made video for Mass Effect
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  10. *posting again because I have no self control*

    death note + rap = actually pretty epic

    I don't watch this anime but I love the amv (and Lady Leshurr <3 )
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  11. I could dig up more. But these are three I really like.

    Game of Thrones:
    This one gets me every time.


    Pandora Hearts:
    To my eternal dismay, my favourite PH MMV was taken down.
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  12. This was awesome. Really got the feels going.

    My favourite fandom video has to be an Undertale one. Brings tears to my eye every time.

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  13. ^^

    The same person also made this excellent one:
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  14. I really like this GoT one :3

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  15. Crying over these. Warning: spoilers for the end of gravity falls (the second one entirely so)

    The Ice Castle (<-- on tumblr, so I can't embed it. But the link will take you right to the post)
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  16. You don't need to be familiar with this anime. Just know that the one in a dress with gray-brown hair is male. You're welcome:
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