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  1. I have been playing a lot of Diablo 3 lately and makes me thing back to the previous games where you had hordes of enemies to slaughter. Some, of course, that I enjoyed facing more than others. It is easy to pick out the baddies we hated.

    My question is, what are your favorite baddie (boss or whatever, as long as it is in some type of game) to throw down the gauntlet at?


    Feel free to explain why. Cerulean is curious. =D
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  2. OMFG I have so many favourite bosses; I wish Zelda games had more save slots, I like to save before my favourite bosses and mini bosses, then continue the story in another slot.

    I love Death Sword; his design is amazing and the stage had an insanely eerie tone before he even appeared - I REALLY didn't want to cut those seals!

    And I thoroughly enjoy the second half of the Stallord fight
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  3. Bartandelus in FF13

    I had to fight this motherfucker three or four times, each time just narrowly beating him before he TPK's me

    Mind you, at this point in the game, I was mid to late game and still hadn't ever learned to upgrade the party's weapons

    So the fact that I nearly killed this asshat multiple times is a testimony to my party's durability

    But god damn I wanted to rage quit so bad
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  4. also

    the fourth story battle in Final Fantasy Tactics (the battle in Dorter City in chapter 1)

    i mean, yeah, you can break the game by using the Spam Accumulate trick and level up like crazy

    but if you actually just went through the game without grinding and just tried strategy instead, Dorter was the first of MANY ludicrous fights in FFT that was the game's way of saying, "Bitch, I ain't holdin' back no punches."

    The First Dorter Battle

    The Execution Site Battle

    Riovanes Castle in general, but especially the Izlude Fight and the Weigraf vs Ramza fight

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  5. The Creeper. Gods, the Creeper.

    And Glados. I can't help but be glad everytime she tries to kill me....
    Also, existential death (I'm referring to "To The Moon" here)
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  6. >.>

    -points to avatar picture- Saren has always been one of my favorite enemies by far. I think as a villain he was well-developed. He was smart and truly thought he was doing right by the galaxy even as it was his undoing. Plus turians are awesome.

    Though, we can certainly never go wrong with Psychos from Borderlands 2.

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  7. I love Gaspard from Dark Chronical, his demon form is awesome and I really liked the storyline for him :]
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  8. Midgets from Borderlands 2, and Majora's Wrath from Legend of Zelda....mostly because I like turning into Fierce Diety link and kicking her ass.
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  9. Every single shit in Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2..those are the most annoying mobs and bosses I've ever faced...I mean...just play the tutorial..I can't even move to the next stage![​IMG] [​IMG]
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  10. Definitely cliffracers from Morrowind. I remember having like 15 in long blade skill and meeting them near Seyda Neen. They were the most annoying creatures ever with their signature screaming and my character couldn't hit them at all despite being not even one meter away from them; the only thing that stopped me from breaking the screen back then was my love for my dear, beautiful notebook. Now that I'm level 25 slayer of gods, those little shits drop down like flies. YES.

    I also quite enjoyed one of Silent Hill 3 boss fights, namely the one with Missionary. I always rely on being way faster than my enemies, so this one took me by surprise and boy, it was pretty nasty. He actually killed me once. (And just for record, other bosses have hardly managed to lay a hit on me with my style on first play through. Leonard, Memory of Alessa and even the God didn't even scratch me.) God from Silent Hill 1 was also a memorable experience, thought it was mainly due to the fact the game glitched on me and that stupid thing refused to die even after I wasted circa 50 shotgun shells AND over 200 bullets. It was immensely frustrating as it took me over half an hour to actually waste all my ammo on him, and this music was playing in the background the whole time:

    Akira Yamaoka, you're a talented composer and Silent Hill 2 OST is my endless source of inspiration, but I'm never going to forgive you for this. Ever.

    Funny thing was that the moment I pulled out my sledgehammer angrily in order to perform my last kamikaze attack (the God was flying the entire time and you couldn't hit him with a melee weapon), the boss... suddenly died. Just like that. This is my headcannon for what happened:

    Harry: "I, uh, I'm out of ammo."
    God: "What the hell? But the script says you're supposed to kill me!"
    Harry: "Well, I can't."
    God: *mumbles something about story continuity and incompetent players, then proceeds to commit suicide*
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  11. Every single Archfiend from Soul Sacrifice/ Delta. Reading their descriptions and back stories was enough to make me feel worse for having to end them. What's worse is they're all just humans who fell to basic sin. Take Cerberus here for example, a guard so devoted to his city with his two dogs that he refuses to let people leave when a plague begins because he knows it'll destroy the town.

    Also pretty much any sort of hive mind parasitic alien life form capable of destroying your humanity while what's left of your conscioussness is still alive while the hive mind plucks and nitpicks through your memories to better help it kill your friends. The flood, necromorphs, Homeworlds The Beast, just to name a few.
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  12. Hmmm... Favorite bosses and enemies? Lemme see...

    - Goht from LoZ: Majora's Mask. There is something to be said for the design of that fight, with you rolling after him as a Goron while the ceiling is dropping stuff on you and he's launching bombs out of his back...
    - Pretty much every boss in Dark Souls. I have never felt quite so much of an adrenaline rush from gaming as I do when I'm facing those guys, and it is awesome. If I had to pick a favorite one, it would probably be either the Moonlight Butterfly or the Gaping Dragon. Moonlight Butterfly because it's so gorgeous and the music is beautiful. Gaping Dragon because of the truly terrifying design and intro.
    - Stallord from LoZ: Twilight Princess. I have to agree that he was a very fun boss.
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  14. I made it to the "second level" of DS2. The Jailer was a son of a bitch, but it gets WAY worse, holy shit
  15. @Diana is my favorite antagonist.
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  16. It's a tie between the Unggoy from Halo, Angra Mainyu from Final Fantasy X-2, and Twilight Thorn from Kingdom Hearts II.

    I like using the melee attack on the Unggoy and then standing over its body and saying "Shh. Only sleep now." :D

    Angra Mainyu is a LONG FUCKING BATTLE but it leaves you feeling so damn accomplished in the end. >_>;

    The battle with Twilight Thorn is amusing. The React Commands are fun. :D
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  17. There are many bad guys I'm in love with. This thread would get obese from my long list of them.

    I think Handsome Jack is by far one of my most favorites, though. He's so fucked up and so much of the stuff he says makes me laugh. Isn't much of a challenge in a fight, but damn if he's not a delightful selfish jerk. xD


    In addition, I'm a fan of the psychos, loaders, skags, and the nomads who say "Gimmie yer damn loot!"
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  19. Nemesis from Resident Evil 3 and Sae Kurosawa from Fatal Frame 2. I dreaded every encounter with them during my first playthrough of their respective games.
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