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  1. I don't usually do a big or fancy breakfast. For me either of those (or both) are a big treat. My usual meals consists of a bagel or a bowel of cereal.

    But today I made a breakfast mug cake. and enjoyed every bit of it!
    That is definitely going on my list of breakfasts to have again!

    Other breakfasts foods I look forward to include a giant breakfast burrito from a local place called Doughorks; homemade egg, ham, and bagel sandwiches; my dad's sourdough pancakes; and any chance I get for a good eggs Benedict.

    So how about you? Any favorite breakfast foods, things you look forward to, or top places to get a good breakfast?

  2. Sausage, egg, and cheese croissanwiches are my favorite which I usually get from Burger King if not buy the Jimmy Dean kind.

    Other than that, I'm open to most things like pancakes, waffles, eggs, and bacon :)
  3. Hell's Kitchen in Minneapolis has some of the best breakfast I have ever eaten. My favorite is the Mahnomin Porridge, but the lemon ricotta pancakes are delicious also. Not to mention to homemade peanut butter.

    Not only is the food good, but the atmosphere of the place is to my liking. It has both a fancy and dark feel to it, and you have to walk under this to get to the restaurant.
  4. I'm a brunch and brinner sorta person because I don't eat in the mornings. On that note, I can't say there's a breakfast food that isn't my favorite. I love all of it and get annoyingly indecisive when I'm taken out for breakfast food. x__x
  5. Sausage maplecake sandwiches. I'm hooked on those things even though I know they're unhealthy as hell. =/
  6. I used to not eat breakfast. I used to not eat until dinner, but I have changed my ways! I now eat a big breakfast. My favorite right now is eggs over medium mixed up with sauteed mushrooms and kale. And oatmeal with blackberries. So much food. It takes forever to eat. But it's amazing.
  7. My favourite would be butter croissants and jam, or else a fry-up containing sausages, eggs, black pudding, bacon, sodas fried in butter and fat, potato bread fried in butter and fat, and a big pot of two-sugars tea :D
  8. O.O
    What is this thing? I must know!
  9. Basically, soda bread in a pan with a notch of butter, and the fry it in the butter, in the pan :D
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  10. all the bacon and eggs

    not two. not four. not some.

  11. Everything bagel with cream cheese and lox. Sliced ham makes for a decent substitute for the lox if you're poor.
  12. The village grill near where I live has the best goddamn banana crepes I've ever had. They also make some damn decent french toast.
  13. Egg-in-a-Hole. They taste best with whole wheat bread, and don't take very long. Absolutely amazing when I don't feel like making plain eggs, or going through the trouble of an omelette.

    If I were a glutton, I'd be going to Ihop and stuffing myself full of cinnamon pancakes.
  14. Nothing heavy or full of sugar or I feel crappy all day. O_O I am also kinda meh about most breakfast foods.

    I really like having an avocado with a couple boiled eggs and some fruit or veggies.

    And I like oatmeal.

    Bagels with cream cheese is really good!

    Or pineapple and cottage cheese.

    Or a fruit and yogurt smoothie!

    Of course this is all dependent on me actually being awake for breakfast. >>
  15. There's a gas station down the street that has a restaurant attached to it and they make really good breakfast foods. I love their hash browns and french toast(I just found out you can call it Poor Knights. Adorable).

    But as an entire meal I guess my favorite is waffles due to how convenient they are. Wait, I have a story. One time at a local restaurant that it took over 40 minutes to get waffles. When I asked the waitress what happened she snapped at me "You ordered two!" Uhhhh? I still haven't figured out what she was trying to convey to me there. Never order two, I guess. Needless to say, I never went back. x'D
  16. Bacon, Egg and Cheese sandwich. @_@
  17. Eggs Benedict is amazing.

    'Course, I love a lot of the other ideas listed. So much good food :D
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