Fate's Golden Chain.

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  1. @HollowEastWord and @Naruto Uzumaki,

    Kisumei Matsumoto (open)
    Name: Kisumei Matsumoto

    Age: Appears 22.

    Sex: Female

    Occupation: Guardian Angel

    Unique Qualities: Light Magic - Healing || Purification of souls.

    Personality: Kisumei is not easy to bend, once she has her mind on something that is what she will do. She is loyal to her fellow angels and works hard. Kisumei get attached easily for an angel and is often caught in own sadness. Despite this Kisumei's smile is bright.

    She is dresses in standard uniform; armour.

    Ash colored feathers blew in the light breeze. The young guardian angel stood on a high moving cloud so she could watch over the precious lives beneath her. Being a guardian of lives meant no fun all the time, it was hard to protect them against the evil of the 9 circles, demons that would come and cause chaos.

    Kisumei lifted her wings and with one flap she was easily lifted into the air. She landed upon the main cloud of the area where other angels could be seen busy cleansing the souls and in a bright flash sending them off. Other could be seen guiding the ones who had just dies past the golden barrier of their light fortress.
    Here is where the souls are made ready to be sent to the after life, where just one thing might separate them from being pure or being dark.

    She walked past many souls, women, children, elders all stood it was hard to think that so many people used to live "Rai" she said as she stepped into a temple of sorts; Rai was the golden angel of their fortress he gave all the orders to the guardians "Kisumei" he said voice urgent "What is it" she asked ready to act she knew that tone of voice "Find your other angels" he said "With haste"
  2. Ritsu Kishamoto (open)
    Occupation: Soul thief=A demon who is able to open all 9 circles and steals souls for other uses.

    Age: Appears to be 22/23

    Sex: Male

    Race: Demon

    Personality:Ritsu is a man who prefers to be alone. He doesn't work to well with others and Aggressive at times. He also can be kind and sweet when he needs to be, but covers it up with his hardcore act.

    Anime-guys-anime-guys-5756788-394-5.jpg 11603-1.jpg
    The sky was it's usual orange color In the underworld. The only thing that walked through these waste lands of the underworld were demons. Demons of all kinds in fact. Among these demons was Ritsu Kishamoto. Ritsu was a demon who had been through all nine circles of the world. Though he never got much time to explore without a guardian sending back to his hellish world. He had stolen several souls as well. He was one of the 3 soul Thiefs in the underworld. So this made him one of the big guys around there.

    Ritsu wore a black leather coat and a red shirt. He also Had on dark Jeans and black boots. Ritsu did not need to wear armor because his body was armor. At his free will he could summon his full power. It would give him a demonic arm and horns would come and he would be able to cause as much trouble as he pleased, but lately that has been a risk to go full devil. The winter solstice was coming near And that is when angels got the best power. Not only would it make Their abilities better, but it would weaken the demons. If a Demon went full form, he would drain them dry. It will make it nearly impossible for their abilities to replenish fully for several months.

    Ritsu had grown tired of being in the underworld and decided to go to the human world, but the 9 circles were weak and could not transport demons at this time. Ritsu stood up and looked at the ground. He bit in to his wrist causing his fangs to penetrate his Tender skin. He held his wrist out and let a few drops of blood fall on the ground. "Art of Darkness form 67: Hell gate." below him the floor opened and a huge burst of dark power went out. Ritsu stepped in side and reappeared in a small meadow.
  3. Kisumei took of up higher into the clouds, if Rai wanted her for a mission it must be urgent. She landed on darker clouds and put herself into a run, her armored boots sending the clouds up like fog. She burst trough two large transparent doors that looked like water "Kian! Arkin!" She yelled Kian and Arkin were two guardian angels that worked with her, while she would be found on the clouds they would be found below among the humans in the forms of animals, other people even insects protecting them from the evils of the 9 circles.

    An angel with darker wings then her and dirty blonde hair came running up his sword in hand this was Kian "Kisumei! What is it!?" He yelled just as another angel with blue wings and black hair came in "You called!?" He said in serious tone "Yes, Rai has summoned us I don't know why but it sounded urgent we must off" and with that she ran out and took of trough the clouds.

    Once again she landed in front of the golden glowing being. Rai started to speak without even waiting for the three gurdians to announce thet they were there "a dark power is lurking in the shadows...it goes unseen. It is not what we usually see as murder, rape, greed" he spoke turning to the three angels "it is unknown, four of our dear angels have lost their lives and are now normal souls" he spoke in a sad tone "I think that a real Demon has come from one of the nine circles" he finally said. "That's not possible the main demons never come out! What would it want!?" Kisumei almost yelled "You will go" Rai pointed to the three and find what it is kill it or send it back to the circle it came" he said in a deep almost dark tone.
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