Fates Converge in Tokyo! (Modern Romance RP for 4)

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  1. Now, I am sure you are wondering why two American nerds are doing stuck in Tokyo, right? Well, funny story. Turns out gaming conventions don't really like people getting drunk and taking their pants off (I swear to god it was not me). While my best friend was knocked out, I got us two tickets to Tokyo. Figured we needed to get out of the country for awhile. I took his vomiting as an affirmative, so he has nothing to complain about. Only problem is we have no more money and cannot get tickets back home. So it looks like Tokyo is our home for now. Luckily I found a job at an anime and game store, and we now live in the apartment right above the store. I wonder what else is in store for us in this crazy city?
    As you read above, this RP is set in Tokyo and is about two friends who find themselves stuck in Japan. Lucky for them, fate works in odd ways. Two lovely ladies befriend them. Could romance ensue? Up to you to find out.

    I need someone to play the other friend and two to play the two women.

    Short Bio:
  2. Sounds good! I'll have my cs up in a minute. Would you mind if I put a picture for her apperence
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  3. Name: Sean
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Anime and Game Store Clerk
    Appearance: 1273984275413.jpg
    Personality: Friendly, kind and well humored. He is very shy around women, especially beautiful ones. He is usually embarrassed by his best friend's drunk antics, but he always sticks by him and helps him. He is a true and loyal friend. He is very hard on himself and blames himself when things go wrong around him.
    Short Bio: A Anime nerd and Gamer for most of his life. He graduated from college.
    Other: Can play guitar, but is too shy to play around others.
  4. [​IMG]
    Hana Hayashi

    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    Occupation: Chef
    Personality: Super sweet and kind. She's known to worry a lot about the people she cares about. But don't make her mad or irritated. Just don't.
    Short Bio: Hana was always an A+ student. For a short time she considered teaching, but instead decided to graduate from culinary school and works at a local restaurant.
    She loves the color pink.
    She loves drawing and reading manga.
    She thinks children are the best.
    She drinks on occasion but never enough to get drunk.
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  5. she looks good
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  6. Hmm I wouldn't mind something like this. I guess I'll be the friend.
  7. Rae Okumora
    Worker at the local pet shop
    laid-back, lazy, likes to draw, he loves animals, video games, anime, and manga
    Short Bio:
    He was an animal loving otaku most of his life when his older brother introduced manga to him. He graduated from college with an art degree, he draws to make some pocket money.
    There is always a white Iguana on his shoulders named shiro.

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  8. looks good,man
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  9. I'll be the other girl! CS up momentarily.
  10. image.jpg

    Hisakawa Sachi

    Age: 22
    Gender: female
    Occupation: Bartender (part time) waitress (part time), student
    Personality: Sachi has always been a bundle of energy. Always preferring action over anything. Can be a bit hot-tempered when angry or confused. Never one to half-do something, sees things through to the end. Likes children. Can hold her alcohol pretty well.
    Short Bio: Sachi graduated high school passionless and with mediocre grades, Her ex actually got her into motorcycles. Her parents only agreed to help her get a motorcycle on three conditions: she get a job, she found her own house, and she furthered her education. She began studying to be a engineer and developed a real interest in it.
    Other: not fully Japanese, loves motorcycles​
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  11. ohgodnotsaber

    accepted. thank you for showing interest
  12. Sorry about this but I just realized I have way too many rps to take on another right now. You'll have to find another fourth, again sorry for the inconvience.