Fated to Be

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Yaoi, FANTASY , magical, romance, every day, drama, violence, alpha/beta/omega verse (I have been craving an in depth roleplay for this)
From the moment that a baby is born, they bear a mark completely unique from all others. Well, except for one. A fated true love will bear the same mark on their skin until the moment the two souls meet. Like a horribly worn sticker, the symbol detatches from the skin as soon as the fated lovers encounter one another. If the lovers do not find one another by the time they reach the age of 18, they are doomed to remain in the appearance of an 18 year old until they meet their destined loves.

Unfortunatly, some are born without any mark and age as they normally would. Others share symbols with those who they cannot get involved with one way or the other. There are even cases where the symbol vanishes, one of the fated lovers passing on before the other.

But never had there been a case where the symbols changed.

Which is exactly what happens to your character. After close to 300 years of lonliness and watching those he loved pass on, your character is rather impatient and worried. Fate is rather crule as your character takes off his clothes one evening and something drops onto the bathroom tiles. His symbol had come off, but it wasn't the symbol that he had stared at for close to 300 years in wonderment at. To make things worse, he had been close to everywhere that day. He went and got groceries, took the usual walk around town, went with friends to a gay bar, got roughed up a bit, had a late dinner at a fast food place, and of course he rode the train everywhere he needed to go.

The symbol was different, he was alone, and his soul mate could be anywhere by now. The race was on, but he didn't have to go far.

Someone nextdoor held the same symbol in his hands, the same questions rushing through his head, all while counting the tips he had gotten from the bar that night.

Looking for someone willing to have fun and to be a dominant. The dominant will be the person who lived a long while. Was thinking about also having the two characters have a really hard time with relationships, the one character having lived so long because he didn't have a lover for so long. Guy x guy
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@el11korea I really love your ideas! If you haven't noticed, I've looked through another one of your idea and I love them! I just don't know what to pick! So PM me sof you want to so we can discuss all of this??? I really want to roleplay with you~! <3 ^-^
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