Fated Fortune - Rise in a Matriarchal Meritocracy

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  1. In the Empire of Fortuna, each must make their way to glory and fortune on their own, the practice of giving up one's offspring to approved Royal Orphanages a common and even mandatory one for every woman inhabiting the vast empire. Indeed,as soon as the child is out of the womb, the young infant is taken to be nursed by the capable but cold staff of the nearest rearing institution, and will no longer be able to see their mother, never mind their father. It is a ruthless practice, but the results shows as, on their twentieth year of life, on the day called the Rebirth, each young adult is adopted by the highest ranked matron that gave them her approval, being sent to her family and brought up as both a potential heir and a family member.

    This year's Rebirth will be the start of this tale, as a handful of young persons will do their best to ascend as high as they can in the strict and demanding Empire of Fortuna. There will be an initial roll of a six sided dice, each representing the following rank in adoption:

    1 - Foreigner
    2 - Pauper
    3 - Citizen
    4 - Bourgeois
    5 - Noble
    6 - Royalty

    The higher up, the more tools given, but then again the higher the risks. In this world, the start of adulthood is set at twenty years old, and one is not recognised as being able to marry and ascend to their proper rank until they reach their fiftieth birthday. This is simply because Fortunates are long lived, and can live up to one hundred and fifty years of age.

    Each week will be lived with a series of lesson of your choice and a number of outings corresponding to ten minus the amount of lessons taken. While a lesson strengthen the character body and mind, an outing helps them develop important contacts that would be vital later in life,and thus a good balance is needed. Don't forget either of them!

    For now, this is merely an interest check, so any questions and statement of interest will be welcome, the later,of course, being accompanied with a roll of a six-sided dice.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.