Fate, Destiny, or Coincidence? [Wresie and Shelby]

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  1. Hazel couldn't believe it. He got invited to what he has deemed the Biggest-Most-Epic-Bash-of-the-Season-ActI-YES! Which wasn't as fun as his other titles for it, but they were all vetoed by his friends. Speaking of which his best friend had begged him to try to tone down his energy just a little bit so he didn't get picked out as a still in high schooler right off the bat. He of course had dressed up in dressy, yet comfortable clothing with a black wire choker that has rainbow beads on it as an extra touch.

    Playing with said wire, chewing a little on the beads he walks in behind his friend whom gives him a wink and a thumbs up, "Don't worry Haze." With that they're inside and the beads are forgotten for a moment as his green eyes widen and he gives a huge smile. Hazel Autumn loves parties and having a grand old time... As long as someone he knows is around of course. So, following in his friend's shadow, he explores the throngs of people and noting the music choice as well as the fact this seems to be taking place at a rather rich person's house. Or so he assumes due to the space and expensive tastes he can make out around the people and... the glitter... He inches away from his friend to inspect the shinning substance, humming to himself. Seeing that the previous observation is correct he turns to regroup...

    To find himself alone. Very alone. In a group of people he doesn't know. He chews on his wire a moment before guesstimating which way to go. He heads in that direction. Unbeknownst to him he's walking directly to the kitchen. All he knows is it seems a little more peaceful that way.
  2. "So, graduate! How does it feel to finally be out of that hell hole of a place I call high school?"

    Lee couldn't help but let out a burst of laughter at her friend's words, rocking slightly to the momentum of the hands that were clasped around her shoulders at that moment. "You make it seem as if you didn't graduate yourself just a year ago. The feeling should still be there for you." Despite the fact that Emily, the friends who took her hands off Lee's shoulders and leaned against the counter of the kitchen, had been a year older than Lee, all throughout high school they had been pretty close to one another. It had been a pain, yes, to think know that her friend wouldn't be there for her in her senior year of high school, but the two still kept in touch with one another, despite the fact that Emily was already in college. Coincidentally, they would be attending the same college, and after turning around their rooming assignments the two would be rooming together once the fall semester came around. The two were excited about it, obviously, though Lee couldn't help but feel nervous about it all the while.

    She hadn't really been away from home before, or at least not for the amount of time that she knew she would be after leaving for college. No more living with her parents, no more having to worry about high school despite the fact that college, she knew, would be even harder. Nevertheless, there was still an excitement that went with it. She always knew that college gave people a false sense of independence, in the sense that most people still depended on their parents in some type of way, especially freshman, and she knew that she would somewhat be in the same boat because while she had scholarships to pay for the majority of her schooling, there were still extra cost that her parents were going to put toward her books and the rest of her tuition.

    "That's besides the point," Emily spoke with the wave of her hand, a grin plastered across her lips. "You just graduated. How do you feel."

    "Like I did just yesterday: Normal." Lee rolled her eyes playfully, but folded her arms over her chest as she too leaned against the counter. The sound of the music that blasted around the house could be heard through the doors of the kitchen, though hardly any other people seemed to frequent through this area. After all, most people wanted to stay where the drinks were at, as well as the dancing, to which she didn't blame anyone. Not to say that she regretted being in the kitchen with her friend, actually she was happy about it. While Lee didn't normally frequent parties too much, she couldn't let this one pass by, or at least that was what Emily continued to tell her until she finally gave in and said that she was going to be there. She didn't know the host of the party; apparently this was someone that Emily graduated with a year ago, but Lee did recognize a few people here who she graduated with. Generally, though, she didn't know the people here. Apparently the guy's family had money, to which Emily responded with a yes when Lee had asked, and this was his parents house and he decided that since they were gone for the weekend and since this was his first week back home from school for the summer, why not throw a party. Typical scenario, she figured.

    But according to Emily a lot of his friends were here, who invited other friends, who invited people she went to school with and blah blah blah... Just a general cluster of people, but everyone was seeming to have a good time. "What ever. You're weird." Their little bits of conversations went on for a little longer as people passed in and out of the room before Emily and Lee had split ways, Emily telling her to have fun and enjoy herself here, maybe even hook up and really enjoy herself, but Lee merely shook her head, laughed, and watched the girl walk off. Yeah, she knew she wouldn't attend too many parties at school, even if Emily was going to be there. They weren't her thing. But this was the first one she had been invited to in a while, so she figured that she might as well enjoy herself.

    With that thought in mind she gave a nod to herself as she pushed herself from leaning against the counter and took a step forward, however when a figure caught her eye she stopped with raised brows. A boy, yet he looked... Lost, almost. She tilted her head at the thought. She didn't recognize him, so apparently he didn't go to her school or hadn't graduated with her. "Hey," she spoke to him as she took a few paces to make it to him. "You look a little lost. Are you okay?"
  3. Hazel had wandered into the kitchen, glancing around to see if he recognized anyone. Right away he realized he had walked in on what looked like a private, although relaxed, conversation. Skirting around the edge of the kitchen he takes note of the occasional cup sitting on a counter top and the lack of crowd. Normally he would be perfectly fine with this display of natural curiosity, but normally he was also surrounded by his close peers.

    Despite this fact he found himself drawn into kitchen sink a moment when he saw a lack of knobs to turn it on. A closer inspection and a little jump as he was spoken to alerted him to the fact the sink was motion sensitive and apparently an upward motion turned on the cold water. Thankfully it only sprayed his nose as he jerked back to avoid getting wetter, seeming stupider, and over all embarrassing himself. Seeing a pretty woman giving him what he has come to assume is a concerned expression he gives a warm smile.

    "Umm, m-me?" He looks around a moment to double check she was indeed talking to him, concluding that this is indeed fact he gives a small shrug. His next words are spoken in an almost hushed tone and he scratches the back of his head while ducking it a little. "Lost? na-Not exactly. Just a... A little lonely."

    After a short pause he looks back up, pulling his fingers from his hair. Faintly he registers that the faucet had shut off and he remembers that his nose is wet and cold. Rubbing it with his wrist he gives a nervous laugh and offers his other hand, "Hazel." He didn't know if it was okay to do this and mentally he is kicking himself for being so forward, but, at the same time, she didn't seem mean, just concerned. Somewhere below his concern for manners he can feel his nerves bundling up and preparing to jump into over drive causing his eyes to hold a nervous glimmer in them as he awaits her response.
  4. Despite herself, Lee couldn't help but get a little chuckle out at the boy's responses to everything. From when the water sprayed his face, to the way he scratched at the back of his head, obviously nervous. Hopefully he wouldn't take any offense to her little laugh. Quickly she cleared her throat before shifting her eyes from the sink and back onto the boy, raising her brows as she shifted her weight from one foot to the other. A little lonely... Well, in retrospect, that almost seemed like an odd statement to make, seeing as they were at a party, surrounded by many people despite the fact that there were about only five other people in the kitchen with them. But, maybe he had come here alone. She couldn't exactly say, but after taking another quick glance around the area to see that no one seemed to be associated with him, she figured that maybe he had come alone.

    She took his hand in a welcoming shake, giving off a smile before dropping his hand and resting hers against her hip. "Hazel... I almost feel as if our names should be switched since that sounds a little more feminine." But, as soon as the words slipped from her lips, she grimaced to herself. Right, wrong words to probably say especially if he hadn't caught the teasing tone to her voice. "Ah, no offense by that. I've just never met a guy named Hazel." Breathing out another laugh, she shook her head and pointed to herself. "I'm Lee. Nice to meet you."

    Again she couldn't help but tilt her head and examine the boy before her. No, she definitely hadn't seen him before, or rather she didn't remember. Not in her high school, but maybe he went to another one? That didn't seem like an unlikely fact, given how she didn't know most people here and knew that there were others who came from other places. "I don't think I've ever seen you around before. Are you from around here?"
  5. Hazel felt himself get a little warmer at the laughter from the female, his smile turning a little goofy as he gives a small, nervous laugh. But when she shakes his hand it returns to its warmer glory and grows larger. Taking back his hand he listens to the comment on their names and just raises a brow, "My name is feminine?" He never thought about it that way. Then again all the people he ever hung out with just called him Haze, so, that might be why. But he shrugs it off as if the thought of it doesn't bother him. "Lee... Lee... Lee-Lee..."

    "No, no... Its okay, Lee-Lee," He gives her a firm nod as if to reinforce his words. And at her questioning if he's from around here he immediately shakes his head. "M-me? N-n-no." The shaking of his head slows after a moment and he adds.

    "I'm from a simple family in a simple house in a simple town just outside the city limits," He shrugs again before flushing slightly and ducking his head a little again. "And y-you?"
  6. He seemed like a nervous oriented person, or at least someone that was shy. Or maybe he just had a stutter that he couldn't get rid of, but Lee wouldn't dare say anything about his speech pattern. That would be insensitive, and, again, she reminded herself that she didn't want to offend anyone, or him rather. He seemed genuinely nice. The thought made her smile before she shrugged her shoulders. "Okay, maybe not feminine but just.. Not a guy's name." She quirked her brows, tilting her head to the side. "More of a girl's name, though I guess that just the same as calling it feminine."

    Deciding to drop the subject, she crossed her hands over her chest before raising her brows at his comment. Lee-Lee? Maybe it was another one of his stutters, but, again, she wasn't about to comment on it and just left it be. It didn't bother her too much anyway. "A simple lifestyle then, I assume? I like it though." Just outside the city limits... So it wasn't too far from here, though, now it was obvious that he didn't live in the same school district as her. Maybe he knew the host in some way, or maybe one of his friends knew the guy and invited him to come along. Or maybe he just wandered his way there by himself. Doubtful. "I actually only live a few blocks down the road. I mean, my parent's house isn't nearly as nice as this place is, but it's nice." It was a bit odd to her, now that she though about it, to not really know the host. She knew that Emily talked with him often, and all of them had gone to the same school when they were all there, but Lee hardly frequented with any of Emily's friends. Or at least him and some of her... Odder friends. "I've been here my entire life, but I guess I can't complain about it too much."
  7. Hazel listens intently, hanging onto her every word. His nose scrunches a little at the mention of his name being a girl's name, but is glad she drops the subject. He thinks about her causal drop of her home's general location and nods slowly, "Ah. Yeah... My life is, um, very... simple..." He sighs. "The last graduating class was only three hundred students... And that was with flunkies from the year before." For a moment his shyness melts away and he's talking in a thoughtful way. He shrugs.

    "And I understand what you mean," Hazel hums lightly. "Nothing to complain about, although I spend most of my time in your home town nowadays... Uh...!" Suddenly he stops as if he realizes he was talking at all.

    He gives an apologetic grin, "Ah-heh-heh.... heh... You pr-probably don't care... Um... So! Uh, Lee-Lee, what do you, uh, no... Um... Do you, uh... Do you li-like the party...?"
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