Fast Times at Westfield High

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Really, this is just another basic high school roleplay. However, it would be nice if we could expand beyond the usual cliches of HS RP and make this a little interesting, shall we? Since school is coming up for some of us (or maybe it's already started?), let's begin this RP on the first day of school. Yeet! XD
As a note, it would also be nice if you could post a little character sheet (just like mine below), so we can all get a feel for your character ^.^ Feel free to be more than one!


Name: Dolores "Lola" Gray (although, Lola does have this weird personality quirk where she likes to be called different variations of her name depending on her mood; you'll see XD)
Gender: Female
Age/Grade: 15, Sophomore
5 Traits to Describe Personality (I'm only limiting the description to 5 traits because I would like personalities to be revealed more so throughout the RP. HOWEVER, you may write a longer description if you please): Dramatic, fashionable, hopeless romantic, is able to be altruistic even though she comes off as self-absorbed, creative
Appearance (picture, description, or both): I've always imagined Lola to look like Krysten Ritter.

She has medium length black hair with natural curls at the end and bangs, an oval shaped face, green-brown eyes, fair skin, and a thin, tall build. Very pretty. Her fashion sense usually consists of handmade clothes (as her major hobby is fashion design) or store-bought clothes in vintage designs. Whenever outdoors, she constantly wears a pair of red framed sunglasses, and she loves vintage style makeup, such as red lips and winged eyeliner. Her favorite colors to wear are "Valentine's colors", like red, pink, and purple, and one of her other favorites is coral. Very fashion forward, although sometimes her outfits can verge on the outrageous (or, her homemade ones can look a bit junky due to lack of very refined skill).

Lola's first day of school outfit is...





As a note, you don't have to include as many items as I have listed. My character, Lola, is extremely conscious of her appearance - thus all the photos I've added ^.^


For high-strung, hopeless romantic, melodramatic Lola Gray, the first day of school was the first day of excitement. Despite her good grades, none of her friends could call Lola the studious type by a long-shot - rather, she planned to skip college altogether and be a hair dresser at her aunt's shop - but she loved the ins and outs of high school nonetheless. One could say it was the breeding ground of all things interesting to the brand new Sophomore. The 'who's-dating-who?', the lunchroom brawls, the 'she's-wearing-what?' - although many would consider it petty, day to day affairs were a topic of intrigue to Lola, and she always made it her goal, every year, to remain grounded in the sacred and mysterious realm of 'in the know'.

Besides, this year, her slacker brother Oliver was 18 and finally trying for community college. Of course, neither of them were out of the house, but Lola didn't have to worry about Oliver being around school to muck things up for her - even if his history with teachers would still be very much in mind. Hopefully, 10th grade would take a turn from years prior, and she wouldn't be recognized as the 'troublemaker's sister'. What a reputation to have, and certainly one that would ruin her chances of being positively noticed in the jungle that is high school.

Perhaps it would be the year she'd achieve popularity, she hoped, rather than being glued to the hip of only one timid friend and distantly related to several loose acquaintances. They were all nice, of course, but it was more that Lola sought - a chance for not only her to reach the limelight on that giant teenage stage, but maybe, for her friends to reach it too (but, mostly her).

Thanks to her father, who was more-or-less bumbling, Lola was punctual on her first day, and her lavender perfume filled the halls as she made her way to her locker. It was at the end of this corridor, she remembered, conveniently close to her first class, thank all the gods, and she dialed the combination quickly before opening. This was the point when she started not only adding various homemade decorations, but observing her new locker neighbors.

First shot at making new friends, she reminded herself, taking a deep breath. Don't mess it up.
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Name: Yuu (Mikhail) Ostrovsky
Gender: Male
Age/Grade: 16, Sophomore (a year late because of medical reasons)
5 Traits to Describe Personality: Quiet, assertive, tend to be oblivious to his surroundings, very chill.
Appearance: He is half Japanese and half Russian. 5'10, lean and fit but not bulky-- though he can come off as skinny because his oversized clothes make him look smaller than he actually is (they're hand-me-downs from his father). He always wear sunglasses in school because of glaucoma. He is pale, but not to the point where he looked sickly; blushes shows very easily on his face though, mostly in the winter because of the cold. He has a baby face, and coal black, short hair that is permanently messy.

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(I'm interested in joining. Although I do have a question about appearance. Can anime pictures be acceptable as Appearances?)
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