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  1. So, after looking for a good hour or two, I couldn't find a bracelet that I was looking for. As may be apparent by my name, I have a thing for stars. I wanted to have two different bracelets that I could pick from. A wintery themed bracelet with white and blue as the primary colors and a celestial themed one with purple and white/silver as the primary colors. Since I want star shaped beads to be included, I've yet to find a really good match for either of these. So, I was wondering if anyone here had an idea of where I might get things like this.
  2. Well, you could always make it yourself for probably cheaper than a finished product would go for. Craft stores have tons of different types and colors of beads to choose from usually, and putting them on a string or whatever us pretty simple.
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  3. Craft Stores or any accessory stores that sell customizable bracelets.
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  4. That depends where you live? -totally doesn't sound like a stalker-
    Because if you have a Hobby Lobby, or a Michael's perhaps, those are good places to find crafting supplies.
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