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  1. First, allow me to start by saying that I know there's already a whole bunch of these up and running right now. I know that superpowers are in popularity on Iwaku, as are schools and instititutions for gifted souls. One that note, this is both similar and different to those RPs. This roleplay will start on the students' first day at Farnsworth and extend for a full IC school year. There are no "classes," per se, but rather missions that each of the twelve Clans (vaguely resemble Hogwarts Houses, but considerably smaller) work to complete for, you guessed it, points.

    The point system will test not only your characters, but you as well. There is a maximum amount of points a Clan can reach for each individual mission, a point total that varies with the mission's difficulty and the amount of time it should take to be completed. After the mission is completed, the Clan will be awarded points based on teamwork, speed, dedication, and effectivity of their attempts. And whichever Clan scores the most points by the end of the year will be rewarded the Council's Cup.

    Anyway, I'm drifting into the plot without trying it. Whoops. Let's carry on:

    You are descended from one of the Council of Powers, an alliance of the twelve gods of our world. For you see, long ago, when the Powers still roamed Earth, they knew they could not procreate with one another for fear of spawning devious beasts who would destroy all they had worked for in the land. But all the same, they knew they could not roam Earth forever, and that someone would have to protect it in their stead. So instead they mated with humans, becoming parents to exceptionl humans, eazh with a power in their name. But the Council knew that without proper training and containment, their descendants would grow restless. So they created Farnsworth Academy.

    The campus is set upon an island smack dab in the center of the Pacific Ocean. Only those with the blood of the Council flowing through their veins can step foot upon the island, or even see it for that matter. There are twelve dorm houses, one for each of the Council. Each dorm house has a common room, a girls' branch, a boys's branch, and a small kitchenette. There's also a lunch hall, an auditorium, and a gymnasium, as well a the main offices.

    Each student is placed in the Clan named after their ancestor, which they themselves do not know until rookie registration at age fourteen. The each have a single power or two to three related powers. During the school year, the Clans are assigned missions of which they must wok together to achieve. Once a task is Completed or Forfeited, the Clan will recieve (or lose) points based on the overall success of their mission, teamwork, power development, etcetera. Some Clans will get hundreds of missions completed in a year; some only a dozen, but they're all in the running for the Council's Cup.

    The Council's Cup is awarded to the Clan with the most points each year. Each mission is rated a difficulty based on point quantities. The more the points, the more difficult the mission.

    Make sense?
    I have tons of background information prepared for this RP, including the Clans, their affiliations, their mottos, etcetera.
    In order to maintain organization, I expect to make this a Group.

    If you show interest in this, I will contact you when the Group is completed.
    On that note, character sheets will also be posted in the Group area, HOWEVER you may reserve a power for your character to wield now.
    I want each power to stay unique, so if someone has already reserved the power you desire, PLEASE DO NOT ASK FOR IT.
    That being said, I will allow a maximum of 60 characters into this roleplay, a maximum I highly doubt that we'll reach. You may play up to four characters, but vary their ages, personalities, and genders when it comes time to design them.

    Most importantly, I NEED TWO CO-GMS FOR THIS, PLEASE!
    While most background information has been set up, I desire assistance with final tweaks, governing the RPer body, coming up with missions, and scoring missions.

    Oh yes: and don't be concerned with Clans.
    Unlike in HP, there is no personality requirements that you must reach to be in a specific Clan.
    Instead, since it is all based on heredity, I will randomly be dividing characters into Clans once they're up.

    Here's the listing of reserved powers And hold faith in me.
    It might be a month or so until the thrread is complete, but I promise that I WILL complete it and not leave you guys hanging.

    Reserved Powers
    1) Medusa Gaze
    2) Songster (Magic of Song)
    3) Apperance Manipulation
    4) Fire Manipulation
  2. Interested! Not sure what power, would help if I knew what you're wanting. Is any power available?
  3. Virtually any power conceivable is permitted, save immortality and the like, as long as there is a weakness to it -- a way to render it useless, a time limit, a side-affect, etcetera.
  4. May I reserve Plasma Manipulation and Generation, or is that considered 2 powers?
  5. This sounds great, actually-- I'd love to get in on it. I would love to use an ability relating to instruments?

    I'd also love to help with worldbuilding, if anything is required. I love doing that. Can't wait to see what this turns into.
  6. That would be fine! c;
    Worldbuilding shouldn't be overally necessary, but we will be building a history for the Council of Powers to make them convincing as gods and godesses. c:It can count for one power easily. c:

  7. Not sure how much time I actually have to help with the game behind the scenes, but I'd be willing to help where and however I could.
  8. Cool!

    That sounds easy and fun enough for me. Just let me know what I can do, I like helping~!
  9. More people should sign up for this.. just sayin.
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  10. Sounds interesting.
    I might go with the power of borrowing. Sounds a bit lame like this, I know, it essentially is a power that allows the character to be able to bring items from any time and/or place to her hands (similar to Page's power in Charmed, yet different), till it is either sent back or fades due to having been here too long. Making it a temporary power. I'll explain more if I could use this power. It has to do with space/time continuum manipulation, and as such needs very specific limitations.
  11. Okay,cool. c;
    I'll place all the powers yoi guys want under reserve next time I get my hands on the computer. :P

    We'll need to assemble a history for the Council, as well as for the school. We likely won't be using all 12 Clans, as I want a minimum of four and a maximum of five characters per Clan.
  12. Hmm.... Is it possible I could join and reserve the power of Aura sensing. Aura sensing being the ability to sense someone's pressence and their intent based along with the scale of their seven sins?
    Thus allowing my character to use it against them?

    Seven sins are:
    - Lust
    - Gluttony
    - Greed
    - Sloth
    - Wrath
    - Envy
    - Pride
  13. I'd love to join!
  14. Is there a limit to how many characters we might be allowed to control?
    Because if allowed, aside from my borrower, I would love to play a nullifier (sufficient limitations will apply, including but not limited to the power only being able to work upon contact)
  15. @Alistair Ward: For one, I know the seven deadly sins; I write Christian fantasy. cx For another, that's fine by me! c;

    @Aves: I'll put you down! ^^

    @Olissa: Four characters maximum, but vary the ages and genders, please. c;
  16. Ignore the above post.
    My laptop hates me.
  17. Mind if I join? If yes, then could I have the power to wield/manipulate darkness/shadow?
  18. I'll join! May I reserve energy wielding/manipulation and supernatural strength?
  19. Yes and yes to the above! ^^
    Are any of you guys willing to assist with point distribution and coming up with missions? I need two coGMs willing to help with these responsibilities.
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