Farms Of Aechor

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  1. Tip: If you are gonna join, its best to read through all of this, and PM me if you still don't understand. ONLY JOIN IF YOUR GONNA BE ACTIVE!

    Welcome! This is a new turn based farming game I thought of. It still isn't fully developed, so you can ask me to add things. The first few things you need to know is your stats. You have 5 hunger points, which deplete by one every turn. When you get to zero you lose one of your two health point. Your energy is your hunger that turn times by two. Every task you do needs energy, and you cant save up energy. When you lose one health point, you get an adrenaline rush of an extra 3 energy, then extra one, then minus one, then no debuff or buff. You have two health points and if you lose both, you die. If you die you are welcome to start again! The time is measured in turns, and it goes from 0-16. Each season has 4 turns, and 0 is spring. At 2 and 6 your crops fruit, and then at 8 half of them fruit (if its an odd number do the smaller number, eg if you have 7, get 3 fruiting). The only other material you need to know is that in the middle of winter (14-15) you need a fire or else you lose a healthpoint. The only way to regain
    When you start, you have bought a farm in the farmlands of the Kingdom Aechor. The only thing you have is 4 stalk seeds.
    -Stalks: Once planted, the next turn it will become a sapling. The turn after that it will grow into a full grown stalk. In the summer (5-8) if a stalk goes without water for a turn, the next turn it will shrivel up into straw which you can use for fire. If you cut down a stalk you can dry it out for one turn to make straw or salvage edible material from it (2 hunger restored). It has normal fruiting times, and each time it produces one fruit. If you dry out a fruit for one turn it makes 2 seeds per fruit.

    Planting: 4 seeds for 1 energy
    Watering: 4 crops for 1 energy
    Collecting Water: For every 8 crops you water you need to refill. You can travel to the lake and refill for 1 energy, or eventually by water tanks which in spring fill from rain which take none. You can refill the water tank with each water for 8 crops from the lake for one energy
    Cutting down: If you cut one of your stalks down it takes 2 energy
    Salvaging: You can take apart a cut down stalk for its materials. 1 energy
    Travelling to the market: If you need to buy or sell something you can travel to the market for one energy

    Water Tanks, hold and collect water
    Fridge, freeze 3 fruits to keep for winter. These ones cannot be turn into seeds
    Fertiliser, if used while seeds being planted it grows them instantly, or on saplings. During or one turn before the fruiting season it makes the plant double its fruits
    Compost, you can put two fruits in to make one fertiliser (two-turns) or 2 fertilizer (four turns)
    Worms, halves the fertilising time

    Stalk Seed (Stable) = 1
    Stalk Fruit = 2
    Fertilizer = 6
    Fridge = 10
    Water tanks = 15
    Compost = 15
    Worms = 10

    Just ask me if you can join (please add @Shadowski) so I know who's joining. Everybody can join unless there is too much people. And, if you are stopping this rp, just either say or PM me. Feel free to describe what you do like a normal roleplay, and also if you want to, two people can work on the farm (but both of them need food). Make sure to keep track of your stats as well.
    We will progress to the next turn when everybody has done theirs, but if you miss three days we will have to do it without you. PLEASE BE ACTIVE! In case you want to know, I am most active 4:20 pm AEST time (10 hours ahead of GMT) to 6:00 or later except for weekends and when I'm sick which I'm usually on all day