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  1. From The Wizard of Oz to Dune, Fiction is full of beautifully constructed worlds. My question is this:

    If you could spend the rest of your life in a fantasy/sci-fi world of your choice, which would it be and why?

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  2. Erm, a tie between Harry Potter and Spirited Away.

    Both are very nostalgic to me so that's really the reason why I would want to live in both. Harry Potter mostly because there's magic, and good food, and adventure. Spirited Away because the art was absolutely breath taking which of course would make it a very beautiful place to live in.... I just gotta kill Yu Baba first. XD Spirited Away also has magic too, but it's not the kind that makes sense. I find that very intriguing.
  3. Dude.


    I was gonna say Mass Effect thing but...

    *watches the ending to all 3 games and frowns deeply*

    Yeah. I think I'll just have a beer with Aslan.
  4. I don't know. Not Star wars, not when they've expanded the universe and it's always just shy of mass intelligent species extinction. Maybe the world from Howl's Moving Castle. Those books paint the magical world very amusingly. Or could just transplant myself in one of my own fantasy worlds like Elswen.
  5. Hayao Miyazaki/ Studio Ghibli world.

    Unless my own worlds count.
  6. Drakur; a planet that I created complete with its own lore and such. The main race of the planet is Draconis (anthromorphic dragons/dragonkin) with other fantasy races thrown in. If I could not have that one, then definitely Middle Earth. Because killing Orcs with a dwarven comrade with be amazingly amusing.
  7. I love the world Howl's Moving Castle is in, or really any of the universes Diana Wynne Jones created. o___o I love the atmosphere she creates.

    I might like living in one of my own created universes too. 8D But picking one is impossible.
  8. Valdemar! Definitely Valdemar.
    Oh to ride a Companion! To share that unbreakable mental link with a best friend. To right wrongs in the name of good, to be a Herald! To talk to the Hawkbrothers and explore the vast world that Mercedes Lackey created. If there was ever a place for me, I'd pick Valdemar.
    Wandering the halls of the Collegeium, talking to the Bard's in their reds, the Healer's in their green, while I stand resplendent as an adult in my Whites, or in student grays as a child. To take weapon's class with Alberich! Standing in the Companion's Field...
    Maybe I could even be a Herald-Mage?!
    I'd do terrible terrible things for art of Tribs as a Herald in his Whites with his Companion....
    (Can you tell I've thought this over before?)
  9. The one in which, with enough training and resources, I could be Batman.
  10. I would live in... Anne Mcafferey's Universe, the Dragonriders of Pern. Having a dragon for a companion would be... a dream come true...
  11. If I could live anywhere then I would either want to live in Hyrule (I'd dance in Lost Woods) or Neverland, but I'd only want to live in Neverland if I could be a kid again.
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  14. I could very definitely live in the world Christine Feehan created for her Dark Series. I want a Carpathian male to scoop me up to be their lifemate forever and ever. A simple answer for a very complex mind.
  15. top five choices for me
    1 pokemon ((i want to be a team rocket member and was always pissed when you couldnt join them))
    2 gotham ((i want to be a villain because me ivy and harley would kick butt together))
    3 any world with vampires but not blades for vanhelsings ((i want to be queen))
    4 dragon ages world...((being a elven mage would kick ass.))
    5 harry potter. ((i want a dragon...i would name him puff))