INTEREST CHECK Fantasy Shifter Roleplay?

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  1. So I know there are a lot of Animal shapeshifter rps going around now... but I'm sort of interested in starting another.

    Here's the base of it.
    Everyone in this fantasy world (not earth) has the capability to shift into an animal.

    - Most people learn how to control their power by help of their parents. They are mostly common folk and don't normally choose the animal they first change into during puberty.
    - Students of higher classes or those of royal blood go to an academy and are trained in small groups or one on one. They decide at an early age what animal they want to turn into and then focus on that animal for the majority of their childhood. Their training includes martial arts as well as advanced education and after decades of learning, they usually become warriors or teachers for the next generation.
    - Some children grow up in packs/clans (more or less gangs), spending most of their life in their animal form. They don't have a choice in what animal they get to change into, instead they are forced to become the same species and the other's in their pack. These groups will constantly fight with one another for resources and dominance.
    - There are also a select few that are gifted from birth and teach themselves. They turn at a younger age than other and are the strongest. They also have the least control and occasionally hurt themselves by pushing too hard. There aren't many of this kind and very few of them live past the age of 20.
    - Finally, there are rumors of masters who have been able to shift into more than one creature. If this were to be possible, they would have to have lived for several hundreds of years, working everyday to perfect one animal before moving on to another. For everyone knows that if someone attempts to learn two animals at once, the results can lead to a horrific outcome that can never be reversed. If not that. Death.

    The rest of the population is detached and secluded. Normally confining themselves into small cities. These people are those who are ashamed for never being able to successfully change or were kept from the knowledge of these powers by their parents for various reasons.

    So this would be a group effort role play since there isn't much of a plot line... but is anyone interested?
  2. Sounds intersting.
  3. I would be interested good miss.
  4. I would also like to take part.
  5. This sounds pretty interesting, I would possibly join.
  6. How many people do we want?
  7. I'm not sure. I really just threw it out there without thinking. It'd be nice to have someone help me think of a better structured plot.
    This is sort of vague, you know?
  8. Helps to have a goal and an abused, turned disliked, character.
  9. I'm pretty down for this
  10. Lol. I'm down
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