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  1. Shakugan no Shana doesn't seem to be a very well known anime / manga, so I'm not going to be making it a requirement that you've watched / read it beforehand. I will, however, highly recommend you do so just because it's so damn good.

    So, a brief description for those who require it:
    There is a second universe, the Crimson Realm, seperated from the Human Realm by a third, abyssal realm named the Rift. A long time ago, and we're talking like medieval time long time ago here, there was a war between Humans and Crimsons, that ended in the two worlds being unable to connect to each other. TBH I don't really know what exactly happened. Still, some Denizens of the Crimson World, powerful warriors and magicians, come across into the Human world to harvest a form of energy called "power of existence". Power of existence is the direct fuel for magic, and the sole reason that Denizens can keep themselves in the Human world.

    Everything that exists has a power of existence, which is dependent upon multiple things. A small pebble is going to have a minute existence. A table would have a larger one, but it would still be somewhat pathetic. A human has an average quantity. The largest amount can be found naturally generated inside the earth and the wilderness. Crimson Denizens devour this existence in huge amounts and they have found that the most efficient way of doing this is by creating monstrous servants called Rinne to destroy humans and harvest their existence.

    When this kind of thing happens however, a huge quantity of existence disappears, and reality becomes unbalanced, resulting in potential catastrophic effects. There are some Crimson Denizens that wish not for the life of luxury though. These denizens select and train humans to be their Contractors. This contract means that for as long as both contractor and contractee remain in existence, the human shall gain the ability to use magic, and they shall live for eternity. In exchange, they live only to prevent Denizens from disturbing the balance and must fight eternally. These "Flame Hazes" as they have come to be known, are also responsible for replacing every consumed existence with a "torch". A torch is essentially a copy of the original existence, that fades over time until it ceases to exist. These are designed to dampen the damage done by the removal of an existence. In the actual anime, Alastor, the Flame of the Heavens (a god), compares it to the difference between a piece of land suddenly being removed and a piece of land being turned into ice and melting so the impact of falling is barely anything at all.

    Some more powerful Denizens and even sometimes Humans create powerful treasures called Hougu. They can be in any form, ranging from battle axe to ring to really nice coat, but are in all cases magical and designed to aid their bearer. If a bearer of a treasure is destroyed, the treasure will disappear and reappear inside a torch. When this happens, the torch is called a "Mistes" and is viewed effectively as a limited time treasure chest with an unknown location and unknown contents.

    OK i think that about covers it.
    The RP would probably take place around 2005-ish, set in various locations, probably. Characters would be Flame Hazes, Mistes' or Humans and the RP would encompass their attempts to slay any Denizen they find, who are currently moving in to a central location in Japan, named Misaki City, where a final battle will be waged. Note that Flame Hazes would be better at magic than Mistes', who in turn would be better than Humans. On the other hand, Mistes' have a very small existence pool and need to consume existence regularly, and Humans would probably be prioritizing guns and weapons over magic anyway.
  2. This seems like fun, count me interested. Also I feel like watching the anime now so I may be gone until im finished with it.
  3. Heh. I shall see you in 26 hours then, assuming you're going to marathon it. 72 20 minute episodes for ya there. Not including OVAs or the film. For such a big thing, nobody seems to have heard of it really.
  4. Good it should keeps me occupied for a while then.
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