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  1. So I honestly don't know how to address this matter, but I find myself wanting in the rp department, so here it goes.

    I only play males since I have no idea how a female truly thinks. You can be male and play females characters, just do me a favour and do not flirt with me if you want that thing. I'm happily straight thank you very much.

    My range of char's are incredibly diverse, so just pm me if you're interested. Please I'd like you to have idea an idea before talking to me, not needed but I am terrible with hatching an idea.

    Sooooooooo ya. Picks me! XD
  2. I'm looking to pick up a new role play, so if you're still searching, shoot me a PM and we can cook up a plot. :)
  3. im interested in this and im great at hatching idea so ig your lucky. im a straight guy and i was hoping maybe your interested in making a world of darkness and it needs a band of heroes to save it kinda type of story, just pm me what you think about it
    please consider XD
  4. If you are still searching for some partners I am interested. :)
  5. I have an idea for a Fantasy RP! However it will be a darker fantasy RP if that's ok. Just PM me and we can go over the details and maybe start an RP ^w^
    Oh and you can look over my RP Resume to see that I only RP women. I've tried RPing dudes and I am not too good at it XD
    Anyway, hope to hear from you soon!
  6. Hey, if you're still looking, shoot me a PM. I'm sure we can think something up, yeah?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.