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  1. (IDEA* F*** up my poll question much.)

    Ok so I have an idea for an RP and its a mixture of multiple ideas some from around Iwaku, but my idea is different enough that nothing on Iwaku atm fits it exactly. My idea also is a mixture of a few plot bunnies I have that fit together into one. So anyway's here it goes trying to explain my chaotic idea I may ramble a bit but bare with me. I also posted a thread a while back with this idea, but it has evolved a bit since then and now I have time to do it and I have made sure that nothing new springs up unless something horrible happens.

    So would say Fantasy not exactly Heroic Fantasy/Sword and Sorcery, Dark Fantasy, or Epic Fantasy, but there are elements of all of them and it depends on where the plot goes. And again the plot is not set but I suspect themes or genre parts of War, Political/Social Intrigue, Crime vs. Law, Crime vs. Crime, Adventure, Action, Romance, Philosophy/Morality/Religion/Spirituality, and lots of other parts, but nothing is set in stone other then probably Fantasy and Adventure, because anything that is interesting could be considered Adventure. The RP will be a Morality Kitchen Sink:

    Plot wise this RP is supposed to be spontaneous in nature and character centred/driven as much as we can. So we will follow the characters through their lives it might be as mundane as opening a shop in a city or as epic as leading the armies of the world into battle against an omnicidal maniac, but I'm suspecting and kinda hoping it stay more in the middle of those to extremes.

    Now while there won't be one central plot per say, the characters will travel through the world and get caught up in plots that are just in the world. They might simply need to do something to survive or they might get caught up in a revolution or a political struggle or war, and while I will try to think up plots as we go, I'm expecting the players to come up with ones too. So I will allow some players at some times to act as Co-GM's with me and they can run plots, and eventually if the group starts to trust each other enough we might become more loose.

    Now I have an IC idea explaining a few things that could cause some peoples willing suspension of disbelief. Our characters will be be "Fateborn" or something similar, and basically "Fateborn" which I haven't fully thought out, but I think it will means that the characters have an effect on chance/luck similar to Ta'veren from the Wheel of Time (if you don't know what I'm talking about google it) and also our characters are unconsciously drawn together by chance, though some could call it fate.

    Basically chance/luck will push them together and keep them together, so even if someone wants to leave they will be constantly be pushed back to the group, "back to the group" means they have to be within a certain distance of the main body of the group, and if they leave it for a long period of time they will start to be pushed back, though this may let up at certain times and be more strong at others I'm not sure, but no matter what they can't be split form each other permanently unless one of them dies. I'm not certain about this and I might tweak it or rethink it, but it should create an interesting plot/character point.

    Basically the beginning plot idea is that a group of characters wake up in a situation; I haven't decided what situation it might be they just wake up in a cave, or maybe a prison or as prisoners or maybe in the middle of a battlefield. Anyway, the situation needs to be not to dangerous for that characters, if it is dangerous then their needs to be an NPC looking after them, because your characters are helpless. Yep you heard me right. Helpless. Your not starting this RP as a cool hero. No, you are a pitiful wretch that the average person wouldn't have trouble killing.

    Physically they look like they have been starved or malnourished and then nursed back to health so that while they have they have enough muscle to function they are quite weak, slow, etc. They have lost all skills or power they may have had, and they may even have some minor wounds here and their. They have amnesia. I know I know the most stereotypical mental disorder in the history of stories, but well it works for multiple reasons that if you ask I'll explain, but not atm. Anyways back to amnesia. Any memories they once had is lost and they may or may not have lost their sense of identity, but their general intelligence is unaffected, but their knowledge base on the other hand is completely wiped. They have no clue what a spoon is or a horse, etc.

    From there it is up to the characters. It won't be easy to become who someone could consider a hero. Its going to take time and effort.

    Now this RP is in a fantasy world. Now the basic concept is that a fantasy world existed pretty standard elves, humans, dwarves, halfings, etc. then the "Riftstorm" a magical cataclysm/apocalypse happened it caused countless things to happen and new things are being figured out all the time. Basically the world almost ended and most everyone was killed, those not killed where changed, and their where those who hadn't been their before the Riftstorm. Those who must have been brought by it.

    This fantasy world is very varied and adaptable, but I don't want us sticking to cliche style fantasy races and things, now I'll allow elves, dwarves, etc. but they won't be called them they will have different names and they need to be different, the different the better. You might decided to change them completely. Basically just keep away from the clichés, or you can do a cliché but deconstruct (if your not sure what I'm talking about: though I would still like you to change as much as you can. Specifically for races I would love it if we created a more unique stuff as I've said, or at the VERY LEAST gave it different names. You could think like aliens from Sci Fi worlds and make them Fantasy would be a cool idea.

    Basically I just want it so that the world doesn't feel like another Tolkien clone. And sure if you take it apart enough you will see similarities; after all they say there is no such thing as originality only, rebuilding with the tools and materials that has already been used. So lets do that and try to make a world that doesn't feel cliche, but still cool, but their is plenty of room for expansion or adaptability so lots of creative freedom. It is sort of post-apocalyptic fantasy, but more likely along the lines of a few generations down the line from that. Technology on this world goes all the way up to almost sci fi levels of steampunk and magi tech style technolgy with lots of mixture. Lots of tech in the world is just as advanced as modern times, but it has magi tech, steampunk, clockpunk, etc. style. Now that doesn't mean the whole world is like that no. Most of the world is medieval to renaissance in tech level.

    Now keep in mind the RP is focused on the characters. So I would generally like characters to be very deep, interesting, and so detailed that you start to think you know them better then yourself. Now they don't have to be that way at the beginning, they could lack any characteristics and be created as we go, but we might go into some deep things depending on how we go, and I want them to be deep eventually.

    This RP will be rated R, but I would prefer more sexual stuff is not gone into any sort of detail, preferably fade to black, but if it is needed for the story you can RP it, but again don't go into detail (think G.R.R.Martin style, where he talks about it, but not smutty more just matter of fact ). Anything that would be considered not ok for teens to see should be put in spoiler tags, marked mature and they will look at their own peril., includeing myself >.> I plan this to be a very long running RP and for the foreseeable future I see no end. So I only want people to join who for the foreseeable future will be able to stay in it. I will allow people to join and leave at any time though we will have a character limit at any one time. We will have to create IC reasons for all of this, they might just be there but in the background.

    I preferably want everyone to post every 3 days at least, and if after a week you do not post and do not explain your absence, then you are considered out of the RP currently, and you can join back in at anytime you want, but their will be a character cap as I said. Though if we get enough people we could split the groups and say the "Fateborn" effects allows it or whatever its basically just a plot tool to explain some things while still creating a cool setting/plot point.

    I also am aiming this RP at advanced to intermediate RPers, so I don't want to be elitist and this isn't a private RP per say.
    I would like your posts to have enough information to RP off showing your characters, emotions, thinking, physical reactions movements, etc. But you can if you want write huge flowery posts full of fluff...I like reading fluff >.> But we will need summaries at the bottom of posts for people that don't. I will kinda be expecting most posts to be above 300 words, at least that's what I'll be aiming for at the smallest.

    Anyways anyone interested >.>
  2. Ok so some more info on the setting concept. I'm thinking that the world is so dangerous with wildlife, wild magic, bandits, monsters, etc. and (at least in this part of the world) city states rule, but don't really have boundaries per say more like just surrounding their city, and everywhere in-between is neutral zone. Though settlements still exist in between these they are usually tough types of people, becuase they have to survive in the neutral zone. Though ones that are close enough to a city may get help from it. For instance some cities are going to have to have agriculture to feed themselves so villages surrounding them, but the farther away the tougher the people will have to be, and the cities will need to protect them in some way...Anyways.
  3. I am very interested :o
  4. This is something I would love to do.
  5. I'd be willing to give this a go.
  6. Count me in.
  7. I dare say I'm game if you are, good sir.
  8. Hmm I'm thinking I might edit the complete amnesia thing. What do you guys think?

    Should they have lost their memory only for the last month or so? Or should they not remember anything? The problem with this is that without any real history they wouldn't be very deep characters...but if we so do this then we will have to spend a bit more time world building before the RP.

    Also about the basic knowledge base... I think the characters should have it. What "basic knowledge" is, is up to you. Its basic knowledge for someone during american revolution times sorta. They wouldn't know a whole lots of stuff or very detailed stuff for instance; science.

    What do you guys think?

    Also guys I'm going to leave this open at least for the next 2 days and iron out some details then I plan to put up the OOC some time after that.
  9. Wait a character Driven rp? Not fully bound to a one track? Haven't engaged in one of those since my Ayenee days. Lol

    I am interested, very interested. The 3 day limit is perfect seeing how due to my situation I am unable to post everyday. If you'd have me you can count me in.

    They could lose their memories and remember certain things, muscle memory mostly. Or it could be that their memory was extracted from them, filled up with a black spot. Maybe by some sort of evil entity to gain info stored around that time period. Or because the memories couldn't be deleted that time period is filled with multiple confusing and opposing images. Like the saying "Why burn the book if you can bury them?"

    Way too many options or variables to choose from. But I'm really just spitting junk out there.
  10. Well I want the characters to be basically helpless at the beginning so that they will have to claw their way to being badass if they want to, or whatever. That and I really wanted them to be out of their element and confused, so that they don't have a reason to just leave, more a reason to stick together. Also if they are confused and this is supposed to be a more original fantasy world, so some of it won't feel familair which I like, and I sorta wanted the characters to mimic that feeling of confusion and feeling out of place.
  11. Also guys might be a good idea if you have any ideas for the world like races, cities, factions, etc. just post it here or send it over PM. The more thought out the better. The more this world is build before we play the better. Though I still get the ultimate say if it fits or doesn't and I might ask you to tweak things.
  12. I'd be interested in this. I'm a little curious about the uncliche racial structure though. How different are we allowed to go here? Cause I'm pretty sure I can think up some out there racial premises that would still fit in your dynamic
  13. You can go as out there or as similar as you like.
  14. I'm totally interested in joining. I love developing characters to the point where I could have a mental talk with them in my head. And if you want any help with developing anything, cities, names, stuff like that, I could help.
  15. Sorry guys, but my router is broken so this RP is still going to happen, but it may be, delayed for a time. I will do what I can, but there is only so much I can do on the smart phone. Keep working on character, race, plot, or any type of setting concepts. Don't send them to me yet though. Just hold in there for a few days guys, my current estimate on when it will be fixed is Wednesday my time.
  16. Love the idea, especially with all of the details which are involved <3
  17. Okay guys so my Internet is back. Or atleast at the moment it is. The whole thing is acting very shaky, but I'm going to say a tentative yes to being back and I'll get back to work on the OOC asap.
  18. If you guys have stuff for me send it.

    And anyone has anything to tell me or opinions on like where we should start and on levels of amnesia and anything else tell me before I start to type out a huge wall of text for the OOC page. I'm going to go work on the bio template...*waddles off*