Fantasy roleplays with, only ladies need apply

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  1. Hello all, here we go again!

    1. I need someone who can write up to 3 paragraphs at least, I won't accept less quality.

    2. This will be MxF only

    3. It really sucks when people disappear without warning, I really hate it when I find roleplay partners and people I like to interact with, and they vanish, it's just so utterly depressing, if you have to go buh-bye, at least try to say something or come back at some point...

    4. I need more plot then porn, or I get bored

    5. I prefer PM's over threads, as the website tends to sometimes fail to notify me of thread posts.

    6. Fantasy please, fantasy only. There are no modern roleplays with me ever

    All of my plots typically operate off of the KISS theory, bear that in mind, I feel simplicity lends itself to the best roleplays

    Valley of Dying Things

    Alone came the wandered, his clothing tattered and showing the signs of travel, yet he had come further then anyone else, questing onwards towards lands untouched by anyone, coming to a vast forest, populated by wild creatures, touched by wild magics. The faerie folk inhabit these woods, villages of centaur sprinkle and dot it's landscape, but this forest is dying.

    It has earned a new nickname, one that reflects it's state of growing decay, the green dying, the land poisoned and slowly killing it's population, the only thing preventing the land from succumbing to it's death even quicker, are the dryads, nature spirits bonded with trees.

    And the greatest of also dying...

    The Wanderer (open)


    The Dryad (open)

    Please be aware, this is actually very modest for a dryad, if this pic doesn't appeal to you, then I have others


    Blades Crossed

    A lone maiden, her tribe slain in a brutal assault, with only her sword and her wits sets out to obtain revenge, to slay her families killers, along the way she meets a fellow swordsman, who offers to help her in her quest for revenge.

    Very simple plot, but sometimes the best ones are the simplest.

    Lone Maiden (open)

    Winter's Chill

    Long ago the spirits of Eleum Loyce have long held back the old Chaos, the flames of man's hubris, using their powers to create a huge wall of magical ice and snow to contain it. As the centuries passed, eventually these spirits ensouled themselves into mortal bodies, forming the first kitsune.

    The last of those disappeared years ago, and demons have been sighted once more, the wall is failing, the Chaos is slowly melting it's way through after all this time, and fear has rippled over the people who live on this continent.

    Hope lasts though, as someone has found the last kitsune, trapped and bound, now he has freed her, and must take her to her homeland.
    Pretty Snow Fox Girl (open)

    Hot Desert Breeze

    She was a dancer, a slave, meant to flow back and forth in winding dances, scantily clad for the pleasure of those she danced for, till one day a man came and saw her, and observed her talents, for she was a fire dancer, but little did most people know, she used no tricks to create her fire, but true magic, and thus was his interest in her...

    Dancer (open)



    A wizards attempt to create easy transportation via magical portals goes horribly awry, as his attempt to gate between two locations instantly accidentally discovers dimensional travel, warping him elsewhere, due to the chaotic nature of his spell, he ends up in the sky of a world he's never encountered, free falling through the canopy of a jungle, and crashing into the waterfall fed lake below, where a woman is there bathing, she takes him in and treats his injuries.

    The thing is, she isn't your ordinary woman.

    Out of the Ordinary (open)


    Calming Fury

    Long ago, elven kind lost a war with humans, who enslaved them.

    In the markets, an officer buys a slave for one of his subordinates, a man who while is a damn good soldier, causes trouble when off duty due to his berserker rages, full of killing desire, purchasing a beautiful elf girl with the hopes that some sex will calm the raging man down.

    The berserker finds, to his amazement, that when he's with the elf girl, the fury that has plagued him his entire life is gone...

    Slave Girl (open)
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  2. I'd like to do the first plot with you if your still looking for partners.
  3. Not with that anyone anymore no

    ...aren't you a dude?
  4. keep it simple sweetheart
  5. Good theory! I hate over complicating things
  6. I'm a fan of the Hot Desert Breeze idea.
  7. And it didn't tell me you posted


    Any of those interest you?
  8. Sorta, not sure just yet
  9. Only sorta? Ouch
  10. undecided
  11. Pretty much everything but Winter's Chill has been taken, I am not against doubling though
  12. Still looking for a partner for Winter's Chill
  13. Is Hot Desert Breeze open? I like that plot.
  14. Boo. Well, good luck on your search!
  15. winter's chill now has a plot
  16. Glad I have your thread followed.
    I actually enjoy that plot.
  17. That was fast...
  18. Yeah... I have nothing to do at home. Haha.