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  1. So I have this idea for an rp but want to see how interested peeps would be. Also any suggestions are much appreciated.

    An organization called The Oni is out to release an ancient demon that almost destroyed the world 500 years ago. The only way to stop them are legendary weapons that are scattered across the land. These weapons take on the form of whatever its wielder prefers.

    And for those of you who noticed, yes I've watched Samurai Deeper Kyo lol
  2. Cool! I'll post an ooc when we have a couple more people.
  3. How many are you looking for?
  4. At least 4 including myself but the more the merrier.
  5. ^o^ Well, I'm game if you'll have me!
  6. Of course! Did you get your name from Trigun?
  7. Sounds interesting... I'm intrigued as to what the details of this story line may contain ;)
  8. Oh I already have a nice although cliche twist lol
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  9. XD Actually, I tend to chose handles based on things I've randomly got on my desk, and in the case of when I signed up, I happened to have some knives on my desk. XD I am a fan of Trigun though!
  10. Rofl! Nice. Knives was a prick lol
  11. XD Indeed!
  12. I am also interested
    first time trying rp but sounds fun
  13. XD It definitely can be. Welcome to the wonderful world of rp my friend, may it bring you good times.

    XD Awesome name, btw.
  14. hahaha thx XD i have no idea where to find a rp that started not to long ago so i can start from the beginning tho :c
  15. Welcome! If you follow the link above you can make your character then you can post in the actual rp!
  16. ill get on making one!