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  1. Hey people! I have made a mage character based of the Dragon Age World. How ever, he can translate into any type of mage world. I will post up the character sheet soon. It would me a more mature RP.
  2. mature as in how for blood gore or what? I might be interested if you have a plot :)
  3. I might also be interested if you have a plot in mind :3
  4. I'm hashing out a plot, and it will have gore and mature issues. It will make more sense when I post the character, after that I will post up the plot premise :)
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  5. well im not one for sex scenes so if it leads out to that im out xDD
  6. Like wise! That stuffs too......complicated lol
  7. Dragon Age Mage ( Doesn't have to be in d the DA world)

    Name- Rex Paxton

    Class- Force/elemental Mage

    Appearance- Red spiked back hair, facial hair runs down the length of chin. Bright orange eyes.

    Personality- Rex can be difficult to really get to know. Since he is an apostate Mage, he is slow to trust and tries to keep people at arms length. After series of betrayals, he is broken in side. He struggles understanding his own emotions. When he cares for someone he struggles with expressing it or vocalizing it. He compartmentalizes things in his mind to avoid dealing with the pain in his heart. To those he holds dear, he is extremely protective and very sacrificial. There is nothing he won't do for those close to him. He has few friends, so those he does have he holds very dear. In battle he thrives as a controller. This could be because the battle field is something he can control. Where as every other area of his life seems out of his control.

    Weapons- Magic Glaive. Colors are bronze and burgundy. Black and bronze ceremonial dagger.

    Biography- Rex was born to a wealthy Family in Denrim. A age 6 Rex discovered that he could use magic. His parents were appalled by him. They were avid supporters of the Templars and despised magic. With out so much as a goodbye, they shipped their son off to the circle and never tried to contact him. In the circle, Rex lived in fear of the Templars and other mages. At age 13 he tried to escape the circle, but was ratted out by a fellow Mage. At age 15 a templar had befriended him. How ever the Templars intentions were lecherous and villainous. The Templar threatened him with labeling him a blood Mage if he didn't allow the templar to fulfill his sexual desires. For a whole year Rex was tormented by the templar. Finally Rex was unable to bear it and told the Archmage. The Archmage did not believe him and threatened to punish him if he ever spoke of it again. Enraged, Rex took matters into his own hands. When the Templar came into his chambers the next night, Rex ripped him apart with Force magic. He then fled the circle. He lived in the woods and on the streets of city's trying to conceal his Mage abilities. He befriended a street thief named Taryn. The two worked together to steal and swindle money to make a living. One day, Rex was forced to to use magic save Taryn from a debt collector. Taryn swore to keep Rex's secret. A month later Taryn sold Rex out to a group Templars. Rex was brought back to the circle for execution. The night of his execution three students used blood magic to break him out and leave the Circle. Once they escaped Rex left the blood mages, wanting no other reason for the Templars to hunt him. Rex went to Kirkwall and joined a mercenary band. Because of his skill as a controller and elemental magic, the band won't not sell him out. Hopefully.

    If we so choose to not do the DA world, then it will be similar. Where basically all mages are forced to join "mage institution". In the institution mages are watched by Templars, who specialize in killing mages. Most mages either live in fear or rebel against the institution and run away. These are called apostates. Mages who operate out side the institution. This is illegal and is punishable by death, being made tranquil or imprisonment. Rex is an apostate.

    The story would be about trying to get across the country to get on a boat and sail to another country where mages are bit more free. (Tevinter I suppose if we go the DA route). Along the way they will have to face bandits, templars, monsters, and more.

    That's the premise I have. Any thoughts or Ideas?
  8. dude you have me I'm in for a onexone on this ill make a character PM me!!
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