Fantasy, Human Cloning Incident

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  1. ( 18+, Sexual themes, and smut to further the plot and such. Just know that. Stuff inside () = OOC. I do not plan to do this on a public thread, if you message me I will tell you skype/chatzy/pm/ whatever you want to use, and we can do it there. )
    This was when human scientists attempted to re-create humans in a lab, which was a partial success. Robots had taken over all of the low skill jobs, and had all gone dead twenty three-years after (Due to not having enough fuels) the humans created elves, through the experiment. The humans thought of the elves as their scientific baby, like robots, tried to enslave them. Unlike the robots, elves were sentient, and they refused enslavement, and revolted. The elves revolts destroyed cities, in coordination with animals to free them, as the elves had developed a way to communicate mentally with nearby animals, eventually gained freedom from humans, and completely rejected the human way of life, with their polution, metal houses, and giant skyscrapers. The elves lived peacefully, after gaining their independence, but the humans saw them as a threat. The elves' numbers were low, but growing rapidly. They disliked guns, and perfered bows, and swords up close. The elves still used chemicals, but more natural ones,
    that could be obtained easily and quickly, learning natural ways to effectively poison things, mask their scent, and a natural smoke. The humans decided that they needed to kill off the elves, as they are a threat. So they took their resources, and started 'Project Hellfire.' Project hellfire took the old idea of 'Demons' And attempted to create them, however being in control to use them as militarized beings. To say the least, it was a failure, and it came out with the same result as the elves, in they revolted and escaped. The 'Demons' Had an interest in fire more than anything else, having been the substance they were created as to be.

    The humans declared war, killing many elves before they could react. This was how the elves split up into 3 races, Dark elves, High elves, and Wood elves. The dark elves \retreated into the earth, and lived with orcs, also another 'scientific baby' to the humans, the wood elves defended their homes in the jungles and thick woods, and the high elves lived in the mountains and practiced powerful magic. In 2894, seventy six years after the incident, and at the end of the war. The three races of elves had partially reconnected, still friendly torwards eachother, and most elves still have a hatredtorwards humans, because the elves had a much longer lifespan than the humans, who died around the age of 100, still unable to extend their lives.Since then, there have always been some odd outs from before elven creation, or just after. Recently in the elven races, they had found that if they concentrated, and wished that a loved human had some ability in magic,they could make up to three humans gain such abilities, which depended on themselves, and could not be pre-determined. At this point, metals are running low,and the rarest weapons were guns, LMG's and rifles being almost extinct, or extremely rare, and pistols being rare as well, but not as much. Ammo, is also another rarity, stockpiled before the war by extremist humans.

    I begin in a slim, black suit that outlines my entire body,with brown, wavy hair and blue eyes. I am a female half-elf, half-human, and I stand next to a tree on the edge of this clearing, at the treeline.I pull my bow from my back, grab an arrow, and nock it. I have a belt that surrounds my waist with many spots for equipment, such as a sword sheathe, (And a curved iron katana.) some loops for bottles and potions of the such, I have four bottles in those slots, like poison bottles and two non poisonous smoke ones. I have a little pouch attached to the belt on my left hip, as well as a spot for a bow and a quiver on my back. I crouch low, and move up from the shadows of the dark treeline to a large rock just behind the bandit camp, and see 5-7 bandits around the camp, most of them loitering, sitting, and one cooking for that night's dinner. I pull back the arrow, and take aim.

    (WHAT I NEED FROM YOU If you are making a character from scratch: Leave a name, race, and description, And pick 1-3 things relative to race that you would say uses magic, even human, but dont tell me. Like elves, being able to spontaneously grow plants is special, but communicating with animals isnt, since it has been in their bloodline for a long time. However, it does not make sense for an elf to be able to explode into fire at will, right? Demons, however, that would be another story. Try not and rush into romance or sex, Work your way up to it, and if our charachters get really friendly, then go for it, I guess. Note: Try and be creative. Even I run out of ideas, and sometimes you need to take lead of the roleplay for a little while. Also, try and play to lose, not in the first bit, but play to lose is where you purposely miss, or get hit by soldiers, bandits, guards, etc in the roleplay. )
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