Fantasy & Early 1800s: A healthy balance of plot and romance!

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  1. Greetings, my fellow Iwakuans! I've got some plot bunnies that have been gnawing incessantly at my brain parts, so I figured I'd put out a request.

    A few things about me:
    - I tend to write a paragraph or two per reply, so it'd be great if any potential partners could match that. ^.^'
    - All my pairings are heterosexual.
    - I've got a few things going on the next couple weeks, but mid-afternoon into the evening, I should be able to reply pretty constantly.
    - For each of the plots below, I kind of have a character I'd like to play...I'm kind of flexible on this.

    So I have a few plots in mind, all of which kind of include romance, but no hardcore smut and no cuddlefests.

    - Prince x Assassin: Takes place in a kingdom similar to Enlightenment-era France, where an underground rebellion seeks to overthrow the oppressive monarchy. One of the main strategies in this is for one of their female operatives to seduce and eventually kill the next son in line for the see where this is going. I'd like to play the assassin, if possible, because I have this vivid idea of her character already.

    - Elf x Human: This could also apply to another two warring races; these were just the first two I thought of. Basically human villages have been expanding and encroaching on Elven forests, leading to vicious hatred & fighting at the borders of these two worlds. Then two young enemies meet, etc, etc...this wouldn't be lovey-dovey, though, it'd be slow burning. Like painfully slow, because they hate each other. Like I-connect-my-grief-over-the-death-of-my-family-to-my-hatred-of-your-race-and-therefore-you. I'm still working out the scenario that would force them together, but I'd love to brainstorm this with someone. I don't really care which race I am, but it'd be delightful if I could play the female partner, since I've developed ideas for either and I'm quite a bit fuzzier on the male.

    I have other, far more vague ideas, but those were the ones that have been really standing out to me. I'd be happy to discuss some of the others through messages!
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  2. The elf x human idea is interesting :D If possible, I would love to be the elf, and I am fine with being the male. I have just the character that would work for this!
  3. Excellent! Of course you can be the Elf; I just had thought more about either of the females, so I felt like I'd be able to play them better overall. Shall I message you for further discussion?
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